HMS Ocelot

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Chicogiz, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. I went on ocelot and thats the only submarine ive been on but thats been long out of service. Is modern submarines still like ocelot or have they changed alot? I know they are bigger but are they still as cramped as ocelot?

    Many thanks
  2. Was on the guard when OCELOT was launched in 1962. Nuclear boats are a lot bigger, but not necessarily more spacious than a D/E boat - the last thing considered on any boat is crew comfort !
  3. Very interesting video, thanks!

    Does anyone else know of any good videos showing the inside of submarines? I am alway looking for some.

    The interactive walkthrough of the un-named Trafalgar Class on the RN website is rather good too, I just wish there was more content!
  4. That is Trafalgar.Where did those awful seat covers come from in the control room? I don't think Halfords stock anything that bad!!
  5. I went from “O†boats to “V†boats and the difference between the two (apart from their physical size) is huge. “V†boats aren’t as cramped as “O†boats, but they’re not exactly awash with space either. I’ve no experience of “S†or “T†boats so can’t make any comments. As someone else mentioned, crew comfort isn’t at the top of the list when they design submarines.


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