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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Mix12, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Topic for debate...

    HMS Ocean (LPH): A useful resource and is just what the RN needs


    A big tin can that drains the defence budget??
  2. I say we need another 5 of them, just to have a bit of redundancy ;)
  3. Every ship in the fleet is a big tin can (?) that drains the defence budget ;)
  4. Bit of both. Better than nothing, but you can see where the cheap sh1t made it into the design. Having sewage plants that can't be serviced because they're blocked solid, or DGs that fall over or worse every other minute just isn't sensible. Worst of all is the absence of any sort of ILS package, tech info etc.

    Still, if they'd bought the good one on offer in 1993 rather than go with the bag of bolts priced one.........
  5. Regrettably, OCEAN started life as a logistics nightmare (NATO Stock Numbers? what are they?) and is destined to remain one. That aside, she's a useful insurance policy.
  6. As the Ark Royal assumed the LPH role while Ocean was in refit can we expect to see Ocean modified to assume the CVS role to cover the gap between the end of life of the CVS and the introduction of the CVF??

    Move the Phalanx and fit a ramp, can't be much more difficult than that can it?
  7. Just bolt some AS90s on it and use it for NGS...

    ...hang on, wrong thread :oops:
  8. Don't blame OCEAN ... blame those responsible for agreeing to the contract in the first place. For decades we have suffered from poor financing in the RN, as has every other facet of the military and the public services. The problem with ships is that they are bloody expensive to produce and require continuous expenditure to maintain them properly.

    It seems that when we get agreement to procure a platform inevitably the money is reduced in successive years which results in fewer of that type, or in the case of OCEAN, less capability or indeed real-estate [the decision to leave out entire decks was absolutely insane]. The whole idea that we could build something big and worry about properly kitting it out in later years has proven to be a bad one and I believe we have learned from the mistake. Its a shame that we can’t get the Government to stick to their original agreements.

    On the positive side it is a reflection on its ships companies through the years that it has managed to carry on and deliver any kind of service to the Fleet so well done to them.

  9. I'm really looking forward to a career in the RN, but does the Royal Navy have ANY effective ships if HMS Ocean (supposedly one of the most sophisticated in the fleet) is just a cheap handoff compared to what could have been?

    I have visited Albion last year, and that too I was told, had been downgraded in planning to save money!

    Since the 1700 Admirals and Officers have complained about underfunding and poor ships, it is not until war that the Politian’s listen! Have they not learnt in 300 years? The Falkland’s was a wakeup call and a huge reason to fund a good amphibious/carrier force that can go and "fly the flag" abroad showing that Britain will never give up on her own no matter where they maybe, but instead the RN is second handed until it is required, even when it maybe too late! Everyone in the media is saying a fleet is no longer needed. But the "what if" counts now as it did in the past, doesn’t it?
  10. My bold Foxy. The Oggin was bult on the CVS hull plan. The dit abut a deck being removed is an urban myth, though something along those lines happened to the LPD(R).
    One thing that did happen in build is that one of the port ballast tanks had to be filled with ballastcrete in order to allow for a miscalculation in the weight of the island.
    At the end f the day, the RN has gained a terrific amount of operatinal use from an asset that cost less than a T23.
  11. I think "The Communicator" is correct.

    Ocean should be updated and modified in order to bridge the gap between Lusty and Ark going out of service and the introduction of CVF.

    This could actually go further and you could have a similarly designed CV that could operate along with Ocean in a VSTOL carrier role, allowing the CVF to operate CATBAR aircraft.

    Just an idea ofcourse.
  12. Don't think it is as simple as that - IIRC the flight deck is only partially strengthened for Harrier landings so that it could be used in a fixed wing ferry role only (think Atlantic Conveyor in the Falklands). Nothing's impossible but strengthening the deck would cost £ and have an impact on stability.
  13. Would make good "mother ships" to MCMVs, Patrol Boats, a Joint Force Headquarters (with much improved comms) and of course, "Royal" whilst also providing a platform for the force multipliers that are helos and UAV.

    Could also have containerised "hospital" modules for the hangar so that they could be used in the disater recovery, hospital ship roles as envisaged partially under the original MARS requirement.

    Not bad at showing the flag and plenty of room for cocktail parties, too.

    No money, though!
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The 1940s0-designed 'Light Fleet' Carriers (Colossus etc) had their Islands 'balanced' with concrete so that is clearly now a naval tradition, not an innovation. I seem to remember that when Ocean was announced it was clearly stated that she would NOT have complicated Command and Control features. So I imagine it would cost quite a few beans to turn her into a makeshift Ark.
  15. :w00t: or the ugliest looking ship in the R.N. :whew: :thumright:
  16. I reckon it looks strangely brilliant.

    I like the shape of the hull but the island is a bit iffy! :D
  17. :thumright: Try that for brilliant???
  18. Operational not decorational. (A bit like me really) :thumright:

  19. Sounds very familiar :thumright: must try that as a chat up line next time i am out :rendeer:
  20. Given that the cost of HMS OCEAN was something on the order of that of a T23, would it make sense to build a few more of a slightly modified design... reduce the marine accommodation, take off the Landing Craft, effectively make it into a CVH rather than an LPH? That would give you a useful asset that you could use in cruiser-style deployments... the area-denial effect of a decent-sized helicopter wing would be ideal for, for example, counter-drug operations in the Caribbean; counter-piracy patrols of Africa; weapons interdiction off Iraq/Gaza...

    Or so it seems to me, anyway. I await someone who knows more about the whirry bits that make the ship go to tell me why I'm totally wrong!

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