Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by MA-Ted, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. MA-Ted

    MA-Ted New member


    Is there anyone here who is currently serving on HMS Ocean? Even better .... Are there any medics that are on there, or have been on there before?

    Im due to join in November and she will be my first ship!

  2. D3AN

    D3AN New member

    Have you completed basic training @ Raleigh yet?
  3. Billy_Bailey

    Billy_Bailey New member

  4. dondon

    dondon New member

    One ugly MotherFucker and full of Bootneck's , :twisted: :roll: , no honestly matey , most of my mates are ex bootneck's [yes I know Once a Marine alway's a Marine]or ex Matelot's , but she is still an ugly Fxxxxr , but best of luck , keep RR informed , nice for us oldies to sit back and enjoy, :lol: 8) have you joined Keogh Barrack's yet , my youngest daughter passed out of there last year , so proud , :)
  5. Lingyai

    Lingyai New member

    Better buy yourself a handheld GPS so you can find your way around the fecker. Some awesome new technology though, I went on to do a job as a POWEM(O) and had to get a bootneck to show me how to use the phone....oh the shame of it :oops:
  6. Shakey

    Shakey War Hero

    Was there for a week last year, ye Gods what a dump, plastic cutlery in the dining hall, one day there was no bog paper anywhere in the accomodation, beds and carpets were a disgrace, doors hanging off the wardrobes, heads full of graffitti and every night consisted of kids running up and down the flats, in and out of fire exits and climbing in and out of windows so they could shag their boy/girlfriend.


    A week was enough for me!

    SILVER_FOX New member

    Just turned this one down - mainly because it lives in the wrong baseport but after reading the above I'm even more pleased with my decision. :lol:
  8. drwibble

    drwibble New member

    I did a brief stint as Ocean's PMO when one of my colleagues had to come back to the UK in a hurry.

    PM me if you want.

    PS I'll not be around my computer much in the next few days, so please don't be offended if I take a little while to reply.
  9. Streaky

    Streaky War Hero

  10. dondon

    dondon New member

    Neither would I :twisted:
  11. andym

    andym War Hero

    Filthy stokers!Always knew they were unhygenic!

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