HMS Ocean - Full Flight Deck

Sorry Peter, can't answer that one, however, Wikipedia shows Ocean as 630 feet in length.

There is still a Sea Fury in service in the historic flight at Heron (Yeovilton).

I know people from Heron use this site so hopefully someone may be able to answer the take off roll for you.


I remember when I was in Gibralter in '53. The Theseus or the Ocean came on her way home from Korea, and instead of using tugs to turn the ship around, she had aircraft ranged on the flight deck, for'd of the island faced to starb'd, aft faced to port. They then just revved the aircraft engines up and the ship turned around on the proverbial sixpence. the tugs then just nudged her in alongside.
The Aircraft are being launched by catapult. The free takeoff would be from approx, the fourth aircraft down.

Junglydaz bear in mind that the wings fold.


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higthepig said:
The Aircraft are being launched by catapult. The free takeoff would be from approx, the fourth aircraft down.

Junglydaz bear in mind that the wings fold.

Wings fold??...not when they're flying surely?? :grin: :grin:

(I know Hig, shut the fcuk up!) :shock:
That deck is an active fight deck, they are all going to go(touch wood) there is no purpose whatsoever for the AEO to ask for any aircraft for servicing, they appear all to be burning and turning, Personally i think that it is just a staged range for the camera, then it wont matter. Normally the aircraft would not all be spread at that stage. Anyone that worked on the proper flight decks would understand that, having said that it is a very impressive photograph.


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Chalky said:
Stripey_G said:
Wings fold??...not when they're flying surely??
How else do you think they flap hard enough to take off? Silly man. :razz:

(Thought if God wanted us to fly, He would have given us airline tickets!!)
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


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RoofRat said:
Wings fold??...not when they're flying surely??
Sometimes matey, sometimes. Seen it happen..............Spurrrrlash!
:lol: :lol:
So OK, I didn't actually serve on a carrier. but did plenty of plane guards for them and seen a few splash. Stood there and thought " now he didn't want to do that did he?" :shock: :lol:


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KLNA-Cessna-Jockey said:
OK boys, what do "You're shagged if the only 'S' " and "it dont matter which one is TU" mean?

Sorry to be a thicko !
"S" means serviceable and "TU" is Tits Up or dead or to be polite replace TU with Mammaries Uppermost
Thanks F169 - my Dad (RIP) was a member of the Ocean Association so I think they may have had access - I will look at their site though, thanks for the link.


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Only last year one of Theseus' Korea pilots was reminiscing to me how steady the Sea Fury was in the dive.

btw most of those a/c in the pic are Fireflies as in:

"On her other thigh, was a Fairey Firefly .."

Of course we were able to keep a carrier on station off Korea for the entire three years of the war. Fat chance we could do that now.
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