HMS Nottingham 'unlikely to see service again'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Pompey News

    Another one of my old ships goes into "extended readiness"
  2. strange that , i knew it had only just come back from deployment in the falklands as two of my old oppos where on it, they brought back some cool phots too.
    I didnt realise they just stopped ships as quickly as that .
  3. Maybe tow it to Australia and use it as a reef marker??

  4. Thought it had already a go at doing that!
  5. I thought it was the most modern of the 42s after the major rebuild. Just a tad shorter.
  6. If she were sunk like Scylla for the entertainment of recreational divers, she could be called the 'Reef Nott'.

  7. Amazing ship though; returned from Oz and travelled astern the entire 10,000nm voyage. And on a Swan :thumright:


  8. Same thing happened with USS Cole...


    and with these US minesweepers en route to/from the Gulf, although they were piggy-backed for different reasons...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I suppose Nottingham will join the other forlorn-looking T42s on the trots soon enough. I took these photos ten days ago
    but can still remember the excitement of them entering service.

    HMS Newcastle and HMS Cardiff

    HMS Glasgow
  9. Funny how things go around, Nottingham was my first ship, joined her in build at Vospers, and her first proper deployment was '83 to the Falklands (Group Kilo)

    Looks like it was also her last deployment 25 years later.... where has the time gone??

    As a junior PO Tiff I was put in charge of the sherry/wine distribution at her commissioning do, made me very popular for the day!(and very pissed)
    Do these ships tend to have de-commissioning ceremonies anymore, or are they just left to rot away up the trot? I would like to volunteer my services to be in charge of the booze again :thumright:
  10. I know its a long time since I was puking in the pig's ear aft of the bridge but I find these pics sad and amazing at the same time. I can remember much more ancient looking destroyers left on the trots but these look relatively young with plenty of sea-miles left on the log. Not to mention 10s of millions of quids rusting away.

    I suppose its like the hospitals - plenty of beds but no-one to man 'em.

    Bastard pollies! :threaten:

    (that'd be politicians to those of you in the northern hemisphere - not parrots.) :dwarf:
  12. I was on Might Servant 1 for the recovery of Southampton in the gulf, one of the few times I had a single cabin with a window!
  13. Used her to transport a 5,500 tonne structure that we skidded on at Sembawang Shipyard in Singers and moved to The Gulf of Joseph Bonaparte in Australia.

    Loved working with the Dutch crew; Wooden shoes, Wooden heads, Wooden listen :bball:

  14. Not alot has changed then :thumright: :thumright:

  15. We made them wear hard-hats whenever we saw a wood-pecker :w00t:

  16. Kinell those woodpeckers have learnt to adapt by living offshore!! Perhaps you could earn a few quid filming them for the Discovery channel and whilst there you might be able to find smilers common sense!! :thumright: :dwarf:
  17. Wooden stop buying us beer :thumright:
    Wooden allow us to buy our own rounds :thumright:
    Wooden close the bar till we were pissed! :thumright:
  18. Must have been the same 2 Cloggies; Captain Hertz van Renthal and his oppo Naffy van Dryver :thumright:
  19. As I put on another Thread,HMS Exeter and HMS Southampton wont be seeing Xmas with the fleet either.
  20. So will that be all of the batch 1 42's mothballed then?

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