HMS Nottingham heads south

I'm sure it will be a most enjoyable deployment and the Austral Spring/Summer is a good time to arrive on station. Also an ideal opportunity to convert lots of live rounds to empty cases/splintered metal!
We relieved the Nottingham in 88 as Falklands Guardship. Her CO had just been relieved of his command for playing with his train set and other things!!!!

We quickly renamed her the Noshingham, which of course went down well with her crew, so much so that there was a little fracas in the Penguin bar at MPA that night. We all got mustered on the flight deck next day and go an almighty bollocking of none other than CBFFI himself, it was supposed to be a welcome to the Falklands speech. He then wombled off and turned his farewell speech to the Nottingham into a bollocking as well. Happy days.

I later served in Belgium with the guy who was the Jimmy on the Notts and had to relieve the skipper of his command. We had a horse racing night "for charity mate" and named one of the races the "Noshingham Stakes" with horses like "Train Set Treat" and "Baby WEMs Delight" He was not impressed, tried to get me trooped, failed miserably.

Anyway enough rambling, hope she has a safe and uneventful trip

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