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Just received this via HMS Nottingham's Facebook page:



Comedy production company The Invisible Dot ( are looking to speak with anybody who served on the HMS Nottingham for a new comedy show which will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2010. Written by and starring multi award winning comedian Jonny Sweet (, the show takes the form of a lecture in which he plays a nerdy fool who's obsessed with HMS Nottingham...

Jonny says:

'The show is the character's attempt to get the HMS Nottingham back on the high seas. He's a massive, nerdy fan of the ship, is obsessed with how cool all the sailors are, and basically wants to be their friend. He's like a geek trying to get in with the cool kids. Unfortunately he's not a great lecturer and doesn't really know that much about the actual ship. So meeting one of the crew (the higher ranking the better!) would both be like meeting a celebrity for him and it'd also be an important fact-finding mission. He'll probably be really fawning and quite overcome that he's genuinely meeting a real member of the crew.'

Jonny would like to end this silly 'lecture' with an interview with somebody who served on the ship. As he says the higher ranking the better, but really - if you're at all interested please do get in touch. And it merits mentioning that Jonny will NOT be trying to ridicule or make the interviewee look daft. Quite the opposite. the interview will be there to highlight the character's bizarre obsession and Jonny will be the butt of the joke.

The interview would take place at your convenience some time in July. We can't pay but we'll come to you and we're happy to arrange tickets for any comedy show, that you might wish to go and see. And of course you'd be extremely welcome to come and see the show in Edinburgh, if you wanted.

If you're interested and would like more information please do get in touch with Simon at The Invisible Dot - [email protected] / 0207 424 8918.

Many thanks

The Invisible Dot Ltd


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