HMS Nottingham 1st Commission Reunion 2018

Did you serve on HMS Nottingham from build until 1985ish? We are organising a reunion in Nottingham RNA club on the 12th May 2018, all are welcome to attend. We have started a facebook group (the group title is the same as the thread title) Feel free to request to join the group! If nothing else it can put you in touch with old shipmates, and a chance to browse our ever increasing photo library!
Hiya, Organisation for the event is moving on. RNA Nottingham are hosting us, and we now have nearly 80 members of the facebook group, and I am hoping that a large proportion of these will be attending on the day. Lots of us are staying over to make a weekend of it, partners are welcome, so long as they can tolerate drunken matelots, but hey they met you lol!! Take a look at the facebook group and sign up, or if you dont have that then e-mail me at [email protected] to get in touch, I am sure this will be a great day and night!!