HMS Nimrod Barracks, Campbeltown scotland

My Father, Vincent Broughton served in the Royal Navy in the Second Woirld War and was stationed at HMS Nimrod Barracks, in Campbeltown. He had his banns of marriage read at a church in Campbeltown as this was his local parish at that time. I am trying to find out which church this would have been, maybe a certain church served these barracks? I would be really grateful if anyone could help as I would really like to visit this church as my late father wanted to do this, but passed away before he could make this journey.


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Re: HMS Nimrod Barracks, Campbeltown, Scotland

Greetings Anneo.

HMS Nimrod was an anti-submarine training base from 1940, located at Campbeltown.

This will give you some good information about the base.

I have been in one of the buidlings which formed part of the base - but that was in the 1960s and it may not be there now.

As for churches, there were a lot of them (very little else to do) and if you Google "Campbeltown churches", that should give you start.

You may also be interested in the following:

The Royal Naval Air Station at Campbeltown was known as HMS Landrail from 1940 -1945/6.

It was also know as RNAS Machrihanish, as the area where the airfield is was closer to Machrihanish than Campbeltown.

It later became RAF Machrihanish and had the longest runway in Europe. The former RAF airfield has recently been sold to the local community however, Campbeltown Airport is still in operation.

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