HMS Newcastle to go tomorrow.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Levers_Aligned, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    As said before, the Geordie Gunboat is set to bow out tomorrow at 1100.

    Sad end to a superb ship.

  2. Good, Love an ex Invincible sailor!
  3. While it is always a little sad to see old ships go, we must remember that is what they are. Most have served us well and done the job that they were designed for. However all the 42s are now either over 25 years old or rapidly approaching the 25 year point. They are now past their sell by date.
    Lets have some new ships with enhanced weapons systems and just as important, enhanced living conditions for those serving. :thumright:
  4. Too true, a sad loss, but the RN needs to modernise its self. The type 45's look to be the way ahead, we just need more than 6 to replace all of the 42's.


  5. Sad loss have some great memories on board and had a fantastic deployment on her NTG2k

    Unfortantely she was old bless her, although she may have been able to do another few years. Maybe now is the right time although I don't reckon she had much choice as there isn't enough man power to man every ship if we kept them going.
  6. 42's to old well passed their sell by date. Push the 45's through faster, but please rethink HMS Duncan eh?
  7. Would be nice to up the 45 order to 8/10. Now the bulding process has its production would be quick and easy to bang out a few more. When the production line stops BAE will charge a fortune to recreate it. (not that its cheap anyway)
  8. Dont despair the mighty HMS DUNCAN!!!! will be around soon. arse name
  9. Always a shame to see the old ships go, but as we all know, they must eventually be sent to the little grey funnel graveyard.

    Would have been nice to try and keep one of the 42's who took part in the Falklands as a museum piece such as Exeter, Cardiff or Glasgow.
  10. Brigham has never been to sea. two one city tomos shippers
  11. They can't even get HMS Plymouth saved even with her history (signing of surrender, fought in support of most (?all) major engagements.

  12. I know that James, which is why I cannot understand the fact they are letting ALL the Falklands ships go without a fight at all. It would be good to have at least one saved for the future to enable others to have an appreciation of life aboard a warship in the 1980's.

  13. Could have been worse, it could have been called HMS DEC to appeal to the chav classes.
  14. Could have been much worse if their Lordships decided to reuse some famous names from the past.

    One of these by any chance?

  15. Some of the Leanders hardly had the best names.
  16. I think we need to ask where the available money is better spent. Would you prefer it to be spent preserving relics of our past? Or is it more prudent to spend all available money on present day equipment and manpower?
  17. Sad to see the Geordie Gunboat go, but she was a right state back int he late 80's. All the 42's aren't 25 though, Gloucester (Great ship), York and Edinburgh are only just at the 20 year mark. Agree that the 45's need to get into service, but I'm not holding my breath the mob will probably end up with 3 or which one will always be in "extended readiness"

    There should be a BIG push by someone to save at least 1 Falklands ship, I would have preferred a type 21 but a 42 or Plymouth would be good too.
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    She's gone.


    RIP Geordie Gunboat.

    23 March 1978 - 1 February 2005.

  19. ....which of the FOUR already launched will we not get then ?
  20. Gloucester the last of the stretched 42s was launched in 82 and commissioned in 85, she is now 23 years old, closer to 25 than 20.

    Type 42s were good ships, but are past their best.
    I served on Manchester, the best ship I ever served on.
    I also served on Ark Royal (the real aircraft carrier) once again there were outraged people when she was scrapped. However at the end of her life she was a floating wreck.

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