HMS Montrose helps commemorate War of 1812 in New Orleans


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Oh dear !

The Americans still can't accept that they "lost" the 1812 war.

By holding this ceremony at New Orleans (where the British lost the battle AFTER the peace treaty had been signed) the Americans continue the propaganda campaign that they "won" the war.

Just to clarify the simplistic won/lost ideas, the 1812 war was, like most wars of the time NOT a simple "I win - you lose" game, but one where one side (Britain) got its advantage/aims whilst the other (USA) didn't and the war wound down. The war was a cynical land-grab by the US under Madison who wanted Canada and thought the British too stretched by the Napoleonic war to be able to stop them. Thanks to Canadian militias, a small contingent of regular British troops and the Royal Navy the US failed and indeed after some time some states even started trading with Britain despite the US Government's ban on trading with the UK !

Despite the rather humiliatating defeat the US (and especially the USN) have tried to paint the war as some sort of glorious victory ! They will point out such things as the (few and ineffectual) victories of their "heavy frigates, commerce raiding and few battles such as New Orleans - BUT they forget their defeats, their suffering under the blockade and political disarray.

Shows how history should, and should not, be taught.

Choosing New Orleans shows how insecure the US still is over the war.

Interesting to note that the ships company took part in "a community relations project to help the city in its recovery from Hurricane Katrina", the hurricane was in 2005, 7 years and they still haven't got their shit in one sock!!


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Yes but there always have to be happy-clappy pix of Jack doing things that the natives could perfectly well do for themselves.

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