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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by alhucoll, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Any body out there who was on the 1995 world trip?
    If there is, i'd like to get hold of various pictures if possible of the ship, ships company etc - I know there was some video footage of the "storm" shot on the way across the "Pond" and would love to see some of that. The majority of my snaps have been "lost" over time.
    Just going through my mum's paperwork and came across all the postcards from every port we visited and that brought back some great memories!
    So if any one at all can help, please do so - could even be a wet in it for you!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Can't help you mate but have bumped it to keep it alive for another day. Good lucck.

  3. BUMPED.
    In hope!
  4. Hi,

    I have just signed up and just come across your request, I served onboard during that deployment I purchased a video camera for the deployment and have some footage sculling around in the loft, but its on the small cassette video tape, not sure if it can be converted but will have a look and let you know

  5. Hello Shippers!
    Nice to hear there is some footage around, I'd look forward to seeing any of it. Was a hell of a fun trip!
    If it can be converted I'd be more than willing to cover ALL costs. Stuck offshore for the next ten or so days, I'll PM when I'm back in civilisation.
  6. I have fond memories of my time on the monmouth joined in Glasgow iand left not long after the Deployment. I do remember the time spent in newport news and the eventful coming alongside in Barbados.

    Catchup with you when I've sorted my loft


  7. The Barbados mooring kerfuffle..........
    On watch for that one - full ahead, full astern, oops astern and was that the jetty forward? Great show for the families on the jetty.
    Biggest problem was that I was in the Chippies party! Lets fix that hole in the bows over the next few days................oh how nice it was in the bows, really cool air inside.

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