HMS Monmouth homecoming

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. HMS Monmouth has returned to Devonport after a nine-month deployment.
  2. First ship to go round the world since I did with NTG 2k 7 years ago

    Awesome deployment.
  3. BBC Radio1 are having a special edition of Newsbeat on-air @ 5.45 tonight for all those interested.
    Interviews with crew and the like.
  4. Thats must be a good deployment with loads of run ashores
  5. Global Deployment is a cracking once in a lifetime trip. Although it's not always cheers easy. It's a flying the flag type trip so lots of visits to show off the vessel in it's glory
  6. Shurely runs ashore?
  7. It's 'runs ashore' on the way down the brow,
    ish 'run ashores' on the way back up.
  8. Funny thing is a 32 year old Nuclear submarine did near as damn it the same running, leaving in January 07 and getting back late October, I dont remember the press coverage for that.
  9. Don't worry, we can all look forward to doing more 9 monthers in the future.
  10. A shipmate of mine who is still in mentioned that JRs get flown home\replaced half way through deployments. So would that make it 4.5 month deployments instead?
  11. Do they ??? Is that down to this top mast system?
  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    better sack the PRO then...
  13. Makes a change they made it past GIB lol The Sub that came on NTG 2k didn't make it past GIB not alone go around the world and sent the deployment alongside lol

    BTW I'm mearly gesting before anyone gets the hump
  14. ......gangway arms ?? :rendeer: :rendeer:
  15. Sorry, don't understand what this Top Mast thingy is. I left in 96 in the "Options for Change" doo dah.
  16. Yeah if top mast worked thats what would happen. top mast dosent work. When sutherland went downt the gulf for 10 months. A lot of people did the full 10 months.
  17. And?
    You say that like its a BAD thing!
    9 month deployments used to be the norm. Its only because of the pampered generation that deployments have had to be cut. Otherwise the rate of PVR would be immense.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So wrong. Most Ship's Companies have no problem with deploying for this long, but because the sea/shore ratio is different to how you remember it, personnel often go for much longer without having taken any leave or time ashore to complete courses (unlike the old days when people could go from JS to LH on the same ship just by completing a Task Book, nowadays professional courses have to be taken ashore to qualify people for the next higer rate).
    Therefore harmony time ashore now includes time on qualification course (rather than 'Buffer's Party in HMS Nelson' et al), so a rating could effectively have a 5-6 year draft on the same ship with no chance to 'harmonise' ashore other than on a long and intensive course - that is the more likely cause of personnel submitting their notice, rather than time on deployment.
  19. How is an opinion wrong?
    Talking out of your arse again i'm afraid. Time for bed methinks :roll:

  20. Silent Service? :thumright:

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