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After weekenders on the IOW last October (2007). I was heading for North London on the A3. I took 10 minutes out, and paid a visit to Mercs.

Slideshow HMS Mercury

HMS Bristols Comms Dept 1982 plus some recent shots of Bristol before she goes off to the scrappies.

Slideshow HMS Bristol

Both files play in Windows Media Player and are a couple of minutes each. Put your speakers on if you want the sound.

Reason for Edit: URL added to Mercury photo's
Thanks Chaz & KLNA - I added a couple of more photos (where I had to hold the camera at arms length over my head to get a photo of what was on the other side of the hedge, where Dreadnought block used to be).

When leaving Mercs, heading out to Clanfield. There were "For Sale" signs in the Woods as you went down the road!

"They were the best of times, they were the worst of times"
in the Mercury video it asks the question 'who got the red bordered sign'

It now decorates a wall in room G23 Mercury Faculty HMS Collingwood and is used for photo opportunities for the passing out classes, presentation of promotion and course completion certificates

A small room was set aside for the memory of HMS Mercury

will try and get a photo for you when i'm there in a couple of weeks
An "Over-Flight" c/o Google Earth Jan 1st 2008

5dits said:
Ahh Brigham, you are just as easy to wind up now as you where on the Notty as my RS.

Sparkers always did have an Inferiority complex!

I prefer to call it banter though . ;-) :)

I wasn't that easy, was I????
brigham600 said:
I wasn't that easy, was I????

No more difficult than any Sparker or for that matter Bunting if you caught us off guard!

God I am getting diplomatic, have been a bloody civvy for too long! :crazy:
Done a couple of weeks on the Notty, must have been around then. Sailed to the med with her but cant remember the othe killick sparkers. It was an emergency posting as part of OXP. People I can remember are Geoff, Fez and Space.

It was friggin orrible on there due to there being no aircon in the mess.
Drove past this place the other day, the fence is in pretty good nick!

couple of questions for those in the know:

1. Looking at the aerial shot it looks as though there are a few cars parked in there? is it still used for some purpose?

2. What is the transmitter/aerial used for at the back of the site?


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