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I spent quite a bit of time polishing stuff in that gaff. And skirmishing the gardens. And washing the pots'n'pans.
And running about with a rifle over my head....hang on - that was North Camp.
was here in 1955/7 as an S.B.A when the sick bay was in the main house .Well remember trips to The Rising Sun in a 1937 Austin 7 2 seater heavily overloaded! and struggling back up the hill in the fog.Can anyone remember.L/SBA S Wright,SBA Pentecost,Lt comm Giri.W/SBAs Cartelidge,Froggett and Dot ?? C/SBPO G Rigby.
I have'nt been to Mercury since but hope to attend the "Blue Plaque ceremony " in March.
You can contact on [email protected]
I was there Sixty Seven,, and again seventy two. Looking back,I couldn't wait to escape, but on reflection, I have some happy treasured memories. Some, I'm not sure I can share here! Mountbatten block could tell many a tale!
It has really brought back memories reading this. I joined Mercury (OA28 class) Dec 63. CY Hopper was my Instructor. he was busted in the Summer of 64. 2 SR's were caught taking an unauthorised Make n Mend when it was clear lower deck at Mercury Sports afternoon. Last I ever heard of him was he was an LRO(T) on Barracks main gate. Cyclops Tindall lived in East Meon, The Petersfield transport used to drop him off on its way to the station. RPO Parnaby is the one I will never ever forget. I had a green a35 late 60s (Pinky runs for a few shillings LOL) awaiting draft to the Hardy. Someone nicked around £70 in sixpences from the Mercury Club machines one Sunday afternoon. Although I could prove I was 70 miles away at that time, Parnaby decided it was me late Monday evening when I returned onboard. Someone reportedly in a Black a30 had been phoned in, by a Horndean Landlord, to have been spending Tanners in his pub that evening. Someone coughed a few weeks later and my Naval career continued till 97. They said RPO Parnaby joined the Ozzie Navy, they were welcome to him Lol
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Yeah remember 'Dutchy' - and around the same time was Lt Wally Jarvis. Killicks i/c A block were Tom Picken (LTO) and Wally Arnold (LTO) - he was a shit and used to turn us out and do mattress runs outside the block. Later I was lucky to get a brown card job i/c Exped Store and used to go away week-ends to Snowdonia plus, on once occasion, Beaulieu Jazz Festival - that was great.
The inside of a Pascoe Block mess. All nice'n'shiny and ready for the award of a
tasty cake after rounds.
Our mess never won a cake - it was usually shit high.

Late 60s in Mercs I met the legendary Wally Parr a 3 badge LRO (G) who passed for RS very very late in his time in the mob. If there was a tighter man in the mob than Wally, I don't think I ever met him. Anyone remember him ?
I drove through there a few days ago, and like almost everywhere else these days, it is virtually one big housing estate! I didn't look into the Sustainability Centre, as it looked rather shabby.
sure i remember Wally - used to spend his time collecting 'Stim' empty bottles and taking them back to Naafi for a refund - everything for him was motivated by profit!! Lots of other memories of Mercs circe 1959 - Joe Franks, Lt then, he was a real tyke, Sub Lt. Marston Gawley, and then the New Entry Div officers, Hosegood, Coomber, Jarvis of course Ted Briggs (Hood survivor)
I recall Wally scrounging New Entry sticky buns from the Dining Hall crew, which were due to be issued at 4 p.m with a cuppa . Wally would then sell them on to New Entries who had either missed Tea or who were starving and couldn't wait for supper, a sort of mis musters but at a cost to them.
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Been mentioned before but any recollections of Ben's Burgers or Son of Ben ? I had a great mate Dai Rees RIP a (W) who became an (S). He like I had many memories of those awful Burgers lol
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I was a National Service Coder Special at HMS Mercury in the summer of 1956. Did 6 weeks basic radio training and then sent up to Crail in Scotland to learn Russian (to keep an ear on our Russian friends during the "Cold War").
There can't be many of us left now.
Remember guarding the armoury in North Camp with a wooden pick-axe. Scrumpy at The Bat and Ball (or was it the Bat and Boll ...?) at Hambledon. The Rising Sun at Clanfield? Hitch-hiking along the A3 to London on a week-end pass. Mountbatten's inspection parade.
The Archives always refer to "Leydene House". I'm sure we all called it "Peel House".
Perhaps Winmill can confirm?

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