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Hi Newbies!!

For anyone who's interested & in the vicinity, HMS Manchester is alongside in Liverpool this weekend & is open to the public on Sunday from 12-4. Get down there bright & early & you can watch the Chelski v Liverpool game in town afterwards!! :D :boogie:
Might pop over early. HMS Liverpool is doing her Farewell visit later this month too.

Shame the Liverpool AFCO isnt doing a sort of applicants visit. Be a great idea. Avoids the crowds
Yeah I read about HMS Liverpool... I can't wait to see her in the flesh, (just hope i'm off work!)... so gutted it'll be for the last time though. At the rate they're being decommissioned there won't be any left for us!!


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I waved HMS Manchester off yesterday from the Wirral side and went on her on Sunday. I had a fabulous time, even though the atmosphere was a bit sad. I'm looking forward to HMS Liverpool coming at the end of the month. Got some cracking pictures and some great memories - just a shame she's going.


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No, that's just some random pup. Mine was behind me running round with her ball. It was a God awful day for her to arrive I have to say, but then every time a Navy ship comes in, it's terribly windy and heavy rain. She had better weather going thankfully. It was that bad over the weekend she lost some of her moorings so I'm told.

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