HMS Manchester pays farewell visit to Home Port

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by LancashireHussar, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. I thought the Batch 3 T42s were lasting until at least 2020, and the T45s were replacing the Batch 2s? When did this change?
  2. Those Mancs still think they own Liverpool!
  3. :?

    Unless I'm mistaken I thought replacement was T45's?

    Names of Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon, Defender, Duncan.

    "Daring" isn't a UK region on my map :?
  4. Agreed

    Seems to be rather ill-informed

    I read somewhere [perhaps even rumration!] that Daring is to be twinned with Birmingham

    edit:correct my poor typing
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    York and Edinburgh have a formal decommissioning date of 2019. That will probably include a period at R8, or 'Extended Readiness', basically in a preserved state with engines removed to the reserve pool and deammunitioned. She would be ready to rejoin the fleet at short notice should the need arise. To be honest, however, 42s are very much a thing of the past, designed pre 1973 with engines that are seriosly obsolete and fuel thirsty.
  7. Ciderjack

    Perhaps I have missed something in the mist of time but why do RN Skimmers have to be namd after an area of the UK.

    All the names you have given, except Duncan, were allocated to Daring Class Destroyers built 1952 to 54. Dragon was re-named Decoy before completion. Possibly the best looking destroyer built in UK. A example of this type still exists in Sydney at being an ex-RAN ship.

    Duncan was named after a famous Admiral and was last used for HMS Duncan a Blackwood Class 2nd Rate Type 14 Frigate completed at John Thornecroft, Southampton 1958. Pusser has a long tradition of re-using ships names. HMS/m Churchill being about the only new name I can remember being used in recent times.

    Of course some names are never used again re: HMS/m Seal the only submarine to surrender after suffering extensive damage in the Kattegat off Denmark on or about 4th May 1941. All the names of the other boats of this class were used again for Porpoise class boats in the 50/60's.

    If your interested


    PS My first ship was named after a big pond in Jockland HMS Loch Killisport
  8. I never said they did Nutty. Was merely quoting from the RN source in Manchester Evening News who said that the T45'S were probably going to be named after regions. Despite fact that ship names had been announced and they obviously were not regions.

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