HMS Manchester on Patrol

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by seafarer1939, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. Nothing is worse than some boring old salts spluttering over their glasses of Woods Navy and telling how it used to be but:
    That's what happened in the local Monday night as me and three others who served at roughly the same time as we watched the programme on HMS Manchester.
    Some of it was quite good,although I'll never understand matelots who preferred to have a drink and a swim on an atoll instead of impregnating every local woman that walked past!That's another point but the main topic of conversation was.
    1.Why is every seaman now an Able Rate?what happened to Ordinary Seaman whilst in training?
    2.Don't bunks have restraining bars,as on the Vic,that raise to stop that Wren from falling out of her bunk in Weather?
    3.Who on earth was that two and a half ringer who said in darken ship,the scuttle goes over the window!!One of my drinkers nearly choked,doesn't Dartmouth teach about portholes any more or has the RN tradition completely gone to the dogs.
    4.Why is it necessary to wear a hard hat to lower Zodiac?it's a bit nancified isn't it,a bit like Time team wearing them whilst digging 6”trench.
    5.Lastly my own observation and one that I'm prepared to be corrected over.
    I've stood shark sentry a few times with the trusty .303 and felt it would do the job but!will a .22 round from an SA80 really stop a Great White or a Mako?
    Some of these buggers I've seen in the Red Sea needs the Orlikon or the Bofors closed up.
    They you are something to muse over and shoot us old buggers down a bit.
  2. Ref the scuttle goes over the window (darken ship). I thought the deadlight went over the scuttle to darken ship (old and bolds used to try and get us sprog greenies to de-fuse the deadlights for darken ship).

    Edited to add scuttle = porthole = window, deadlight is the hinged metal plate that covers the scuttle, lowered for action stations/darken ship etc.
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  3. Some time ago I watching a program about bullets going through water, if I remember correctly it was called Mythbusters.
    They used a range of weapons with different sized bullets. It turns out that the bullet would break up on impact with the water or within a foot or two.

    I think you can find the episode on YouTube.
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  4. you are right Wrecker we were so incensed at the word window we must have misheard the previous words.
    Still a bad show for an officer to call it a window.
    I've got a book of the Naval sayings from Nelsons time and although we don't use a lot of them now there is still enough left to keep the RN tradition alive.
    He should no better and I still think the SA80 is a mistake in shark waters,you'll just make it angry!
  5. Yeah, I saw that. Basically the more high powered the gun the less distance the bullet will travel in the water and the bullet will break up. The experiment showed the gun that penetrated the furthest into the water, without the bullet breaking up was a pistol, so it was more effective than a high powered gun when shooting into the water.
  6. My 2p worth inserted.
  7. Didn't know we fired a .22 round from a 5.56 SA80 :s
  8. AB / Ordinary seaman, who cares? AB2 - AB1 - LH etc etc.

    Window / porthole, who cares?

    There are straps to hold you in on type 42's, but you'd be hard pushed to find one fully serviceable.

    Having seen someone swedged by a swinging seaboat, hardhats are for winners. Fractured skulls are for losers.

    The marksman armed with the SA80 A2 (5.56mm btw) is there to shoot the swimmer, not the shark.
  9. I may have blinked but did you mean the deck party or the RIB one? We introduced the hard hat (somewhat after the RNLI) to give a man overboard a fighting chance against a hull or propguard strike.

    A note; a 5.56 mm ball is as near as dammit a .22 in one.

    Montigny-La-Palisse. When you say;

    Does that mean that nobody cares if, say, a Fusilier is a Corporal or not?
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  10. Agreed. 'You ferckling big AB (2)' just doesn't have the same ring to it as the original.
  11. A near equivalent to .223 Remington.
  12. Identical in fact.
  13. Maybe the time has come.
  14. What's your point? So you have AB2's instead of Ordinary seaman, I say again, who cares?
  15. Wrong!

    [Gun geek mode]

    From Wiki:

    [/Gun geek mode]
  16. Awesome 2DD, cheers - Does the same apply to .308/7.62?
  17. But back to the important question - what damage can either of them do to a Great White or a Mako shark?
  18. Or more importantly SF1939:-D
  19. Two things, of amusment, for me!! :laughing2:from the very good first episode... The rotund blonde wren, with a full blown pin up picture of Cheryl Cole above her bed (touching the velvet there?? ) and the crabby/untidy rating telling the Killick of the mess to F/O ( Standards going down the tubes there?? )
  20. That was a Wren?????

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