HMS Manchester - High Seas Firing

lol awesome pic.

But last I knew when I was on them they only sea darts and going by the angle of the launcher from the bigger pic in link it's more than likely that lol


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The Sea Dart launcher is on the Foc'sle, this looks like its coming from midships. Granted it looks like a sea dart launch plenty of smoke and sh&*e. Just looks odd, unless she was steaming at high speed for the launch.
Given the height of the weapon I'd say it's likely that it is the dart and the ship has just steamed through the launch point, hence the residual cloud sitting where it is. The only launchers around there are decoys, and it's not one of them.

It's also, as S_S says above, about the only device on board capable of generating that amount of smoke.
You can see the Launcher has moved on the ship. I doubt the ship is drifting so as others have said it's more than likely moved through to the smoke.

Karma is correct it's only chaff launchers down midships and the 20mm's ain't going to cause that lol

Unless they've suddendly put Harpoon midships on them like on the 22's it can't be anything else lol


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I remember watching a live launch on the Invincible in 94/95 ish, everyone was stood on the flight deck, cameras poised, the PWO is counting down over the main broadcast 3, 2, 1 BANG off it went, everyone got a lovley pic of a huge plume of smoke, the only decent pic was the phot department and that was only cos they were shooting with a cine camera. Impressive sight
Sea Dart was my fav WE section I worked in on the Newcastle. Only pain about live firings is cleaning and repainting the launcher after lol


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stirling said:
TheAaronP said:
edit: nvm

image actually looks photoshopped, the colours arent consistent and the shadows are off
You ASSUME......RN live is not in the business of publishing mong make-ups of operational ships.
lol, its just my opinion, everyone has one, get over it :D

The colours are off, the ship and background are actually de-saturated whilst the smoke etc isn't, and the shadows are wrong on the smoke also for it to be in that picture.
My Mate who is LA(Phot) at Culdrose says it's defo not a photshop. It's purely a cam pic using some tricks with the lens


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Yep Tommo, could well be, i was just pointing out that the photo wasn't your average point and shoot and had been manipulated in some way.

Its not unthinkable to assume they do some post editing too.
Guys fired 16 in my time fcuking great experience and a definate penis extension its a Dart 40 miles at mach 2.5 the boost motor just about to come off, 60s technology though. tried a shot at exocet once no fcuking chance mssed by miles thats why the plume is heading off to the stars its all in the flight profile. 42s sleek grey messengers of death - in their time. Manchester was the dogs knob everything worked even had a bash at a yank target on Global 86 it was doing mach 2 locked him up "Birds afirm" but the fecking range was foul that would have been a dit. COVENTRY, EXETER and GLOUCESTER all did real shots the figures speak for themselves - hope the T45s are as good personally we should have gone for the ARLEIGH BURKE
stan_the_man said:
COVENTRY, EXETER and GLOUCESTER all did real shots the figures speak for themselves - hope the T45s are as good personally we should have gone for the ARLEIGH BURKE
Let's not forget Cardiff's direct hit down south......Oh....well on second thoughts let's forget Cardiff's hit

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