HMS Malabar, Bermuda - Dockyard crests

Discussion in 'History' started by security_geek, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Anyone that has been to Malabar will have seen the crests on the walls. Some on here may even have been responsible for the painting of the crests.

    When I left Bermuda in '94 and the base closed in 95 I did wonder what would happen to the crests. Would they be painted over, the walls simply demolished or just left to fade away.

    It would appear that they have been renovated by the Bermudians.

    There are some old and bold HM Ships and Submarines crests on view. Some decommissioned and some lost in action. Nice to see they have not been lost or forgotten by the Bermudians.
  2. I was there on HMS Torbay in '96 and we re-painted ours, there's a quality pub restaurant on the dockside there now.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There were quite a few "Artistic" types on the Torbay I understand :wink:
  4. Long before I joined I hasten to add, I was on Turbs when all that happened :)
  5. Torgay?
  6. Aaah the infamous Scum headline at the time
  7. It was Known as that be for she was launched :D

    As was the "Gay Raver" Grey Rover
  8. Another draft I dipped out on........Grrrrrrrr! :wink:
  9. As an aside to the thread topic. I was on Turbs when it all hit the papers and it was the day we came back off patrol. A couple of days later we went into dock to start a DAMP. We were all closed up back aft for the cold move and the MEO was loitering around when fwd made the pipe "the submarine is about to enter the dock". The MEO was an over the top officers officer if you know what I mean. When the pipe was made one of the lads said "I suppose if we were on the Torgay the pipe would be the doc is about to enter the jimmy". We all pissed ourselves laughing and the MEO went ape and stopped all make-a-mends...humourless [email protected]

    Anyway, back on thread 8O

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