HMS/m Ursula

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by aggyaggy, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. Im new to this so sorry if ive gone about this in the wrong way.

    I am researching HMS/m `Ursula` which was sponsored by my hometown during the second world war. Eleven of the crew even visited and took part in a plaque exchanging ceremony in 1943.

    Ive sourced Ursula artefacts at RNSM, had articles about the project written in the press and have even managed to make contact with a couple of surviving crew.

    If anyone is related to and knows of anyone who served on `Ursula` during the war please let me know. Id be keen to find out more.

    I hope to publish a service history of Ursula and I want to make it as thorough as possible. Ill be making a long crew roll so I really dont want to miss anyone off, even if they may have only been on for one patrol.

    Cheers for your time.

    Stuart Clewlow

    saclewlow @

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