HMS/M Revenge first commish.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polycell, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Any one from the first commish starboard crew remember Keith Hallam the outside wrecker?
    Well if you search on google for outside wrecker you'll get Keith's answer to this on Allexperts site.
    Anyway I stuck a question on there about Keith's ice cream.
    Yea OK bombers or the Polaris ones had an ice cream making machine or Revenge did anyway and it was Keiths part of ship to make the ice cream but.... Keith, bless, used to make chocolate flavoured ice cream coloured green, mint flavoured ice cream coloured chocolate etc etc
    SO...see here my question and Keith's answer
    Good old Keith!
  2. Where was the ice cream machine then? I was 2nd commish & I don't remember it. Perhaps it was just the Starboard crew that had.
  3. It was forward of the JRs dining hall on the forward bulkhead outside the canteen.
  4. Much lamented, too. Rosyth Refit managed to turn around REVENGE in fairly good condition but for some reason were unable to repair/replace a simple Ice-cream making Machine, not Rocket Science.

    Faceless at Bath believed to have had some nugatory involvement but perhaps the refitting crews share the greatest blame for not lubricating the Dockyard Mateys well enough.

    The only reason some came over from SSNs was for the lure & promise of SSBN Ice Cream!

    (Satisfactory Ice cream arrangements were however, made in one Rev (P) Mess. Loose Lips etc but Scouse Hemlock Hempkins knew all of the details……..)
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Somehow I never imagined Bob with a happy smile, 69 & strawberry topping. :wink:
  6. Happy? All relative.....

    Weekly Happiness: Sundays for the Ice Creams, between the Bell & Howel reel reel changes just like a real cinema!

    Daily Happiness: Each day I would dig out a fresh Daily Telegraph (Mrs Bob having been trained to batch them carefully up, by the week & in bundles, whilst the boat had been away previously). Of course the news was not 'fresh', but it was a unread Daily Paper, including the 2 blank crosswords. (crosswords were Xroxed and disted).

    This Daily Paper was then passed around the boat and treated with much care ( more care even than some of the pages-stuck-together beaver-books - so I'm told...)

    I dont know whether anyone ever continued with that Newspaper scheme afterwards but having a real daily newspaper paper was certainly something to look forward to during those long uneventful hours and days between heart stopping emergencies and the more serious of the shipboard regular evolutions like captains rounds and intermess games.

    I guess the papers are delivered these days. Didn't the VANGUARD just have someone knocking to deliver their la Monde and Parisien recently?
  7. Bit civilised ---- try cinema night on a P boat in the tiffs mess clean gash bag taped to the mess door for a screen and bell and howell on the table
    --happy memories :lol: :lol:

  8. Bell and Howell - there's a name that brings back memories ! They were still knocking around in the 70s - when did they go out of use, anybody know ?
  9. White starchy SSE gash-bag perhaps? I suppose they have long since gone, too?

    Many uses - including all the kit you ever needed for a patrol. I've known more than one who left theirs loafing only to find it had been collected and ditched with the real gash - much scrambling around in the gash compound ashore, sometimes without a result!
  10. Still in use today, for many of the same uses.
  11. We were still using 'em JD on Otter in 83!!!

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