HMS/M Barrow

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by stirling2, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. In recognition of the areas long expertise in the build of boats , proposals have been put forward to name one of the Astutes after the town.
  2. hmmmm, HMS Barrow. Has a ring to it?????? Hubby laughed when he read the news!
  3. Don't forget the famous HMS WESTON SUPER MARE, quickly christened "AGGIE ON HORSEBACK" by Jolly Jack - they rapidly amended the name to HMS WESTON. Anyone got any suggestions for a nickname for BARROW ? I offer "Walney Winnie", or "F Troop", for the Class of 66.
  4. Astute begins with A...Barrow with a I missing something so bleedin' obvious here that I've made myself look an even bigger tw*t than I already am.
    I'd have thought the name Barrow would have been suited to something along the Tender line...We ain't got any of them either I know. We had a navy once...I've seen the photo's!
  5. It's actually a petition put forward by the Barrow Submariners Association to name the next CLASS of boat (B class) after the town.
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  6. ...apoligies Geoff G, it was a news report on ceefax NE, I assumed they meant Astute class.
  7. For HMS/M Barrow the only possible penant number could be 99.

    Shame Neuf di Neuf has already gone.
  8. A new class of "Hunter-Killer" should, in my opinion
    bear a name appropriate for the purpose, therefore
    I would suggest that any new class of SSN be named:
    if they ever build a new bomber, it could be named
    HMS WEST (2 crews naturally - FRED Crew and
    ROSE Crew). An E-mail is winging its way to the MOD
    even as I type....could get a Herbert Lott for this)

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