hms lochinvar

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by chico, May 16, 2008.

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  1. anybody in hms lochivar 1971-74 particularly flotilla club and knew my brother chico murray
  2. Was in HMS Lochinvar 1970 --72 never used the Flotilla club but
    was your brother in the RN ?? Might know him .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. Would that be the Chico Murray who knew Nutty Sweet who was an oppo of Tug Wilson who went arroungd with Smudge Smith?

    I had the sad task of issuing the last tot at Lochinvar on Black Tot Day.
  4. Ye he was in the RN and on the committee of the flot club
  5. TJP


    I once swapped Chico a pair of shoes for a jacket !! I also lent him £5 but I had a crash draft so never saw him again.
  6. I was running out of Lochinvar on the Tenacity (FPB) Fish Squadron at that time. Chico came round for a few wets and fucked off with my new shiny Steaming Bats the Tunc!!!
  7. Was in lochinvar Feb '71 'til Feb '73, seem to remember Chico Murray, (memory a bit fuzzy), where was he from, and do you know what branch he was in. I used the flotilla club a lot in them days. I was a jack dusty, my job on the base was mainly in the inflammable store, had some good mates up there, would love to get in touch with them again. Who am I? Derek(yorky)Amos

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