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HMS Liverpool's ensign given to a hotel.

I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool just behind the Pier Head last weekend (1th). I was quite surprised to see in a display case, in the foyer, a very neatly folded triangle of the ships ensign with a display card 'as flown from HMS Liverpool during the Libya Conflict, presented by the Captain'

I know there has always been very strong links with the city but there is the new Museum of Liverpool just 600 meters away in direct line of sight to the hotel or the museums in the Royal Dockyard as an alternative.

I don't understand why an artefact like this would be presented to the Manager of the Hotel (as cited on the card) to a commercial organisation and not a recognised museum ? It doesn't sit right with me.
Jack shafted by Crowne Plaza instead of Jack shafting in Crowne Plaza?

I'd suggest more people will learn of the history of HMS Liverpool in a hotel foyer than a museum.


War Hero
Erm, you do realise that HMS Liverpool had more than one ensign during the Libya Conflict & probably a couple of dozen more in the store?

Every warship that visits UK cites besides baseports, hands out photographs, cap tallies & general gizzits to local organisations. Liverpool Maritime Museum is toppers with similar artefacts relating to the City's Naval association.
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