HMS Liverpool

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by marmalizer, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Hey folks, I just thought I'd upload a selection of my piccies that I took on HMS Liverpool at the Pier Head this morning! Hope you like 'em! :)

    HMSLpool2.jpg HMSLpool3.jpg HMSLpool14.jpg HMSLpool17.jpg HMSLpool18.jpg
  2. & a few more... !

    HMSLpool24.jpg HMSLpool25.jpg HMSLpool28.jpg HMSLpool31.jpg
  3. Good phots - even of a stinky Pompey gashbarge!
  4. HAHA!! Nice!
  5. They are great photos, Marmalizer! I really like them.
  6. Indeed. Really rather good :)

    Going for a shufti tomorrow as had to take sister to cinema today. Looking forward to it.
  7. Great photos, i would have been on board at the same time as you, i was one of the first visitors up the gangway at 12.00. First time i've been on a warship, i enjoyed the experience and it got me excited for possible times ahead! Wish my pics where as good!!
  8. Howfen, we were at the front of the queue too, we got there about 10:40!... did you see the old geezer with the shopping trolley-cum-seat thingy? we were behind him, about third or fourth back!

    & thanks for the compliments on the photos guys! It is sort of my hobby, so some encouraging comments!! :)
  9. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    I had a cracking time on her today. Many thanks to the lovely PO who told me that if I needed anything to just ask (and didn't think that the fact I'm a stubborn bint is a bad thing), and the rather cute RM who also looked after me. Every member of the crew that I came into contact with were fantastic - especially the really nice girl who understood my love of weapons :D
  10. You'll go far once you get in.
  11. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    If that was an option, I'd be in like a shot!! The sea darts give me the horn =-D I'm so easily pleased - anything with an engine (apart from trains) and weapons. I think I should have been a boy.
  12. He looks like hes just had a micro wet dream. Been at sea without "it" too long.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  13. Haha i was behind you before the bird dragged me for a hot chocolate she was freezin! I got back in the queue about 11.10 then waited the rest. I spent about half an hour on board then made my way back to wetherspoons.
  14. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

  15. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

  16. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

  17. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    HMS Liverpool Beat Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset 030.jpg HMS Liverpool onboard 080.jpg HMS Liverpool Beat Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset 013.jpg HMS Liverpool Beat Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset 009.jpg The 1st, 3rd and 4th were from the Beat Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset on Thursday evening - there's one more left.
  18. Nice snaps indeed.
  19. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    HMS Liverpool at night on Beat Retreat night.jpg

    This is the last one. The rest are of the Parade and have been posted by other RR's.
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Excellent photos.

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