HMS Liverpool 1991


I am looking for anyone that served on HMS Liverpool between 1990 & 1991, who has the video that was taken on board during our deployment to the middle east / NATO exercises?

With thanks

Hi Dave

Firstly thanks for responding to my query. Yes I think that might be the one, I did at one time own a copy, but my mother taped Eastenders over it :-( Do you have a copy?

With thanks and best regards

Your post prompted me to retrieve it from the loft so yes I do have a copy but I don't have a video player anymore.
it is ages since I watched it but seem to remember the quality was pretty bad. Let me send it away to be remastered onto DVD and I will burn you a copy once I get it back. How does that sound?
Just to be sure it's the right deployment, I remember the ship being in Cagliari in the months leading up to the World Cup, Italia '90 and I think we were back in Rosyth sometime around May/June that year so definitely not 91.
Yes I think we are both talking about the same one, she went into dry dock in Rosyth to be equipped to carry wrens? During the deployment we took half the pier off of Gibraltar on our way home or our way out?

This is fantastic news Dave, I really cannot thank you enough! Like I said above just let me know the costs involved and I shall send you the money via paypal or similar of your choice.

Chuffed to bits :)

DVD arrived in the post yesterday :eek:) I had a fantastic trip down memory lane, I can see what you mean about the quality it just goes to show that VHS was never the best of storage. The person that transferred it over to DVD done a very good job though. There were two parts with me in it in the original, one sitting in the catering office just off the stores office and the video must have got damaged at the point it was focusing on the office as it jumps and goes to the helideck lol the other place was me coming down the gangway taking on stores in port that part has gone completely... but hey never mind I was really pleased to see the video again - thanks so much

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