HMS Lancaster Motto?


Lantern Swinger
Chav Central rool, innit.

(If in doubt, visit the Ridge or Ryelands estates in Lancaster.)

Dont forget, Lancaster City Council brought you Mr Blobby and the Africar.

No councillors or employees of Lancaster City Council had their pockets harmed whilst spending £4m of council tax payers money.
Why not try the ship itself ?

The first Lancaster was not a UK built warship.
She was passed to Britain, by the US, under the 1940 Lend/Lease agreement, and therefore she would probably have not been given a Motto, alternatively the current Lancaster may have adopted the home town's, have you tried them ?


edited to add: This was the first 'modern' warship - the first one was wooden, built in the late 1600s. So it is possible that the curent destroyer may carry the motto of the city of Lancaster ?
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