HMS Lancaster hits quay!

the '67890' bit? No - it's because you need at least 10 characters to make a valid post on here.

From the looks of it, they were entering a very tight lock, the wind pushed the towards the lock-side and the tug couldn't do anything about it: principally because she was in the lock herself, and thus couldn't swing round 90 degrees to LANC to counteract the wind.

Sometimes this happens when you drive ships.

But to sum up those 2 paragraphs:

Minor flesh wound we hit a jetty in Germany much harder than that, in fact with the skipper we had we hit most land mass we tried to park next to, happy days
HMS Ulster tried to make love with a caisson at Fountain Lake Jetty, never seen a dry dock empty of personnel so quickly.
Was that the occasion when the special sea dutyman in the tiller flat was blown out of the hatch like a Trident missile or am I thinking of 'Undented' (HMS UNDAUNTED)?
Uncertain as to which one it was to be quite honest, could have been either. One thing for certain though, for every single misap I've seen, I've witnessed twice as many examples of tremendous ship handling. Ray Lygo berthing Ark alongside n Guzz without tugs, Cdr Livesay parking Plymouth in Gib between two US ships with only feet to spare each end. Also entered Subic Bay and towed out the US target ship before they realised that we had been in taken it in tow and left the breakwater.
must admit some of the driving skills in rough sea RAS were something special to see, also a bit scary as a young sailor on bridge SSD

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