HMS Lancaster Castle (K691)

Discussion in 'History' started by Sea-swann, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi does anyone have info/images re Russian Convoy JW-65 - which left for Murmansk on 11th March 1945? In particular anything about crew - personal accounts re HMS Lancaster Castle a castle class corvette escorting the convoy. My dad, Kenneth Peter Swann was on board aged 17-18 at the time. Ist Lieutenant was Jack Scrivener.

    Can anyone help? Any other details or shipmates memories would be fantastic. The Arctic Star has recently been awarded to those who sailed on Russian Convoys - so this subject is in the news right now. Thanks
  2. Maybe of help???? HMS Lancaster Castle, British corvette, WW2 and March 45. As Russian convoy JW65 approached Kola Inlet with 24 merchant ships on the 20th, waiting U-boats sank two and "U-716" sank sloop "LAPWING" of the escort. Return RA65 set out on the 23rd and all 25 ships got through to the Orkney Islands on the last day of the month.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I have already got a lot of info re the last convoys Lancaster Castle (outbound and return journeys) but I appreciate you taking the trouble. I'm hoping for someone who was on board HMS Lancaster late 1944 or 1945. Photos would be fantastic. A tall order - but you never know!
  4. image.jpg Hms Lancaster castle laid up along side hms Hadliegh Castle!!
  5. Hms Lancaster Castle

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  6. Sea Swann

    This association may be of help to you:

    Castle Class Corvette (Frigate) Association
  7. The Flower Class Corvette and WWII Royal Navy Forums Forums

    They seem to have a thread area regarding the Castle Class as well.

    Also.... I think I may have actually read an article on the Northampton Chronicle website regarding an Arctic Star recipient with that name. I'd come across it quite by accident earlier this week. Rather fascinating.
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  8. Thanks for this scouse!
  9. Hi scouse. Thank you for both photos. Great to see Lancaster Castle at sea as well as laid up. Is there a way I can print these images from this site?
  10. Thanks grimsqueaker - I'll follow up that association. Yes, that was my dad in the n'ton Chronicle. Good photo of him. His memory isn't what it was, so there are inaccuracies in his account - particularly regarding dates. He joined the Navy in 1943, but didn't go on Russian Convoys until 1945 - but I've got most of the correct info, so no probs.
  11. Thanks Soleil - more things to follow-up. All fascinating.
  12. I used to work behind a bar in Exeter and we had both 14th Army and Arctic convoy veterans amongst the regulars. They were a fascinating source of info, dits and entertainment. Experiences of ordeals as great as theirs, it's perhaps to be expected that over time memories become a little muddled.

    Best of luck with the research.

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  13. . Castle Class Corvettes
  14. A paperback book on the Lancaster Castle's convoy to Murmansk and back, featuring Lieutenant Scrivenor and the author's messmates was published in 1996 by Seafarer Books. Its title is 'Return to Murmansk' by Henry Swain. It's well worth reading. You can buy a second-hand copy on Amazon Books UK for 0.1p plus 2.80 postage.

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