Having read the web site of HMS Kite it appears to be a man on the year 2007 or when ever trying to use year 2007 eyes and attitudes H & S etc to re-interpret history as he seems to have some sort of axe to grind.

The words of

Graeme J.W.Smith MRIN
Atlantic Technology Group LLC

Rings to me of the truth. To suggest an officers act is gross cowardice because he jumps from a ship which is split in two is arrant nonsense. The author is not suggesting any of the L/S or P/O rates acted with gross cowardice which suggests the author has a anti Bunhouse (Wardroom) agenda.

There was a similar incident when one of the US built frigates in WW II was torpedoed, and an officer abandoned ship without the order being given, Considering that the front half of the ship as far aft as the mast had disintegrated, who was going to pipe "abandon ship ?
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