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I'm trying to track down an old friend of mine who used to be in the Medical Branch at HMS King Alfred. Obviously I'm reluctant to mention names in a public forum, so if anyone out there WAS in King Alfred's medical branch could they PM me and I'll give them some details. :thanks:


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Hmm, I see this thread has not been answered but I think understand why. Many might question why you want to contact this person, despite your claim that he was a friend. There could be anyone at the other end of that PM... I think people have a right to be suspicious! 8O :eek:ps:


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If i know tall bloke as well as i think i know him he won't be looking for a HE. ;P

I'll vouch for him. He's a good guy.

Anyone who can help him could always take his details and pass them on to the intended recipiant?


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Thanks for sticking up for me, Trehorn. It is a genuine reason for the search. The person Im trying to trace was ill, and I've lost touch with them. I'm just keen to see where/what they're doing now.
Hello shipwreck!
New to this RR! tell me bout your self!
I may be of some use to you.. but before I continue I need to assertain your genuine enquiry !
' MedinConf' and all that ;-) :salut:

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