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Hi folks.

Long time, no post!

I have recently found another photo of my grandfather, Charles Howe (joined the RN in 1911 at HMS Pembroke) who is (standing, right) in this photo... I am curious to know what the uniform is that the man sitting down is wearing.

Any contribution gratefully received!

Many thanks.
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@janner, yes, I agree. He's a Writer.

The cap badge is none too clear in the photo so I was going off the shape, it's very similar to the WWI RNAS badge. But I agree with you, looking closer, and having mulled it over, I think he's a pen pusher, a Writer.

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@Repulse, Is that a badge on his arm or just a blemish on the photo?
Could it be a badge on his arm, a Star? Writers wore a Star badge.

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Isn't it just one of these?
This is an Artificer Apprentice's cap badge but I understand that, historically, it was also worn by S & S ratings.



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He could well be, but noooo, just look at his hands janner. He's got soft hands! He's a Pen Pusher. ;) :confused:

I'm still trying to figure out that cap badge....

SP. :)

dapperdum tells me that his hands are as soft as a young maidens thigh, he puts it down to all of the washing up he did when he was younger.