HMS Jufair

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Having seen HMS Jufair had sunk without trace--Why is it the interesting bits rapidly disappear? Yet--bearing in mind this is Rum Ration- the site relishes in such like As " How horrible was your train journey to Raleigh"? or Entrance medicals are getting so strict.... It's now necesary to be able to close your left eye AND ,at the same time, keep your right eye open.

HMS Jufair during WW2 had mostly RNVR C.O.'s save one. Cmde 2nd Class Ivan Walter Whitehorn RN was the only one. I thought I'd look him up to see what he had done during his RN service.Born 1892 died 1964 he joined as a 15 year old Cadet.He was an A/S.Lt. in 1913 finding himself C.O.HMS Mosquito then C.O.HMS Cockchafer and in 1927 Exec Off HMS Adelaide on to 1929 Exec Off HMS Devonshire and in 1931 CO HMS Albury then Terror and Cormorant Shore Stations- 1939 C.O HMS Delhi- 1941 HMS Aurania and in 1944?45 the first wartime RN Commander of Jufair and the Persian Gulf.

Now that's when we had a navy!

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