HMS Island Princess

Discussion in 'History' started by SARKING, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. One of my more anorakish (is that a word?) pastimes is collecting old ships badges.just got one HMS Island Princess. Motto 'Ad Insulam Auream'. Cant find anything about her online. I suspect she may have been a ferry taken over by the Admiralty during one of our falling out's with the Germans. Anyone heard of her?
  2. sorry, haven't got time to post the link but if you google HMS Island Princess about halfwa down the first page there is a ref to HMS Island Prince, which was a commandeered Grimsby trawler in WW1. Might start you off if they were classmates....
    I cant find anything relating to HMS ISLAND PRINCESS online, however, there is reference on google to an HMS ISLAND PRINCE. unfortunatley Im at work and the Web police wont allow me to post a link. Hopefully if you can access the page you may be able to find out more details.

  4. Thanks for the info. should get me started. The crest is a Tirquetra, a three pointed celtic design, with a sunrise behind. thats what led me to suspect she may have been a Scottish inter island ferry that had been taken over.
  5. Sarking the only reference I have of HMS Island Princess
    was a Coastal Forces Motor Launch a civilian built vessel converted as a fighting Motor Launch in 1941
    No History details but if you chase around the Coastal Forces sites
    you may come up with something.

    As a rider Island Prince was a shore base for anti Submarine vessels at North Shields during WW1

    Good hunting

  6. Thanks G.will check that avenue out. :thumbright:

  7. My Grandfather Arthur Saxby, served on the Island Princess. This info is from the Grimsby absent voters list of 1919:

    SAXBY, Arthur 311 Weelsby Street. 2224 D.A.Ld.Dk.Hd RNRT Island Prince.

    Would be great if you could photograph and image of the Ships badge and let me have a copy please.

    Best regards

    Roy Saxby

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  8. I believe it was a requisitioned Trawler used for mine sweeping/
  9. Hi Roy.Thanks for the information on HMS Island Princess.Very interesting. I'm working away from home at the moment, but will take a photo of the badge (Stop sniggering you lot..:smile: ) and post it on here when I get back.
  10. That's great, thanks. Look forward to seeing it.
  11. 23032014.jpg Hi Roy.Sorry for photo quality.HMS Island Princess Ships badge,as promised.
  12. That's great, thanks very much.
    All the best.
  13. I've rotated it for you, SARKING. IslandPrincess.jpg
  14. Thanks Sol.Bit of a computer duffer im afraid. :pc:
  15. Mr.

    Mr. Midshipman


    I've just come across this as I was researching my Grandfather (Edward Roberts) who joined "Island Prince" just before the end of WW1

    • GENERAL BOTHA, hired trawler, Adty No 3316. Built 1916, 245grt, Aberdeen-reg A.709. Armament: 1‑6pdr AA. In service 12.16‑1919 as minesweeper. Renamed ISLAND PRINCE 3.19. Served in WW2.

    • ISLAND PRINCE, hired trawler, Adty No 62. Built 1911, 205grt, North Shields-reg SN.148. Armament: 1‑6pdr AA. In service 8.14‑1919 as minesweeper.

    These records may appear slightly contradictory !

    The badge is definitely for "Island Princess" though
  16. I had an impression on seeing the badge that it was Malay, but then the translation of Golden Island could even be Irish. The crown atop the badge seems to have the castellation bit missing off the right hand side. Is it broken off?
  17. Possible leads courtesy of the National Archives but you'll have to pay to see more:

  18. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    That crest was appropriated by P+O Princess Cruises for their MV ISLAND PRINCESS cuise liner as well.

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