HMS Iron Duke visits the Cayman Islands


Lantern Swinger
Serious question, I was on the Tin Duck in 2006 for her Caribean deployment and the lads said she had been in the Windies the year before, the following year she was also there, then Prince William was onboard for her Caribean trip the next year and now 2009 here she is again.

Is it fair for one ships company to be enjoying continued "booze cruises" year after year or is it a case of sometimes you dip in and sometimes you dip out?
L/Cpl Rudi Taylor and Mne David Chatterton pose with the AW50. 50 sniper rifle and the M3M .50 machine gun in Charger, the Lynx of HMS Iron Duke. Picture: LA(Phot) Stu Hill, FRPU North


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