HMS Iron Duke scuppers drug-running suspects

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hackle, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. hackle

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    from MOD news release

  2. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

  3. A Navy helicopter opens fire on speeding unarmed drug smuggling launch in the Caribbean seas off Columbia, part of the ‘copter crew was the future King to the English throne, Prince Willie (Sub/Lt Wales)
    It all sounds frightfully jolly and rather Boys Own. The Navy considers such headlines as excellent recruitment pr for its sailors, but perhaps Command should consider exactly what they are doing playing around in the Caribbean, The UK has no possessions or territories in the area, so can the UK afford to keep a large warship at sea waiting for a hurricane to strike or to sink the odd drug running boat.

    The MOD’s statement is rather confusing,

    1 What was the drug boat doing loitering? If it was full of cocaine it should have got to its destination rather smartly.
    2 Why did it take 15mins for the helicopter to search for the drug boat? The command ship should have had it under radar surveillance.
    3 The gunners were instructed to fire (non destructive?) rounds into the engine block, if bullets can destroy an engine cast iron crankcase they are not going to due the human body a lot of good. Firing at a 30foot speeding boat with 3 souls onboard from the doorway of an airborne helicopter is a bit chancy, a gust of wind or the driver moving the collective or cyclic in the wrong direction? Pusser could have serious egg on its face if anyone got killed.
    4 Traces of cocaine found on two of the baddies does not prove much, if you tested the UK celebrities and sports persons what would the results be?
    5 No drugs found on board or in the sea, if they had no substances on board why were they running away? Looks like pusser could do with some good lawyers here (firing on an unarmed boat with no trace of substances)
    6 Why sink the boat? As they had to drop the men back onshore why not tow that back as well as evidence.
  4. What capacity was S/Lt Wales operating in? 2nd Observer? Loader for the Marine Sniper? Flying ration divider? On re-reading the press release, I see that no mention of Wills onboard the Lynx, although the IHT says he was there as "lookout".
    In response to huffnut, the UK does have interests and posessions in the area (Montserrat, BVI, Cayman Islands). Also the area is a genuine route for smuggling coke into Europe/US. Also:
    1) Yes does beg the question: big fast boat full of drugs - guilty. Fast boat empty - must have ditched the contraband and therefore - guilty.
    2) Didn't you see the press release? The boat was camoed with a tarp - very effective at sea, especially vs a Mk3 Lynx with only 8 eyes onboard.
    3) Think that Marine Snipers are probably very good(!) and will only take the shot when they are sure that the risk to life is minimal. I haven't heard anything of them hitting people.
    6) Why not? Good target practice. I bet the gunners had a field day. When it's authorised by the USCG, it's got to be OK! M3M - engage!
  5. For "f........." sake give the guy a chance ...........
  6. Seconded. I can almost hear the cries, "Crucify him! Crucify him! Everything wrong with the world we read about in the press is his fault!"
  7. I did hear while this incident was taking place he was in his cabin with the grocer planning the next banyan or was it cake and arse.
  8. Never pass up an opportunity to kick a member of the Royal Family, eh Fink? Especially when he's a serviceman who, uniquely, can't defend himself on the same terms.
  9. He could if he joined this site :w00t:
  10. Humour OFF
    Don't think that was what I was getting at at all! (and if not aimed at me then please be more specific) Out of all those onboard, he is probably the most useful extra pair of eyes to have in the Lynx, due to his previous aviation experience. The only thing I object to is MOD/Press referring to "Prince William's Ship/Lynx/Chinook" etc. as though he is the Captain/Aircraft Commander and single-handedly saving the world (not his fault).
    Humour ON
    Besides, I can't think of a more important job on those long caribbean patrols than looking after the flying rats. Bet a nice ice-cream is just the ticket after a long sortie!
  11. On the contrary I thought it was a distinct possibility and it's all part of a young subs training. I expect it will be of great help to him in years to come when he has to organise piss ups and dinner parties at the biggest council house in Europe.

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