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HMS Intrepid heads into 'graceful recycled retirement'

I wonder if some animal rights activist will adopt all the cockroaches from Fearless and Intreped? we used to have fun with them. sad story though.
I bet the people at Able UK in Hartlepool are going ballistic over this. Leavesley are DSA's usual partner (so no stitch up there then), whereas Able are desperately trying to get on with recycling the US NDRF ships they contracted for last year except the local authority won't give them a licence despite stacks of supporting evidence explicitly saying there will be minimal impact if any on hte local environment. Anti-americanism in the local liabour party and some disinformation by Friends of the Earth mainly responsible. Unless Leavensley have got a real specialist lined up (and you can count them on the fingers of one hand), they're going to struggle.

This desperately needs to be done - Intrepid, Rame Head & Fearless will be hazards to navigation before long and the space is going to be needed for the Leafs and Rovers as they retire. Shame they got the "experts" at DEFRA with their stellar track record involved.......
I can't help thinking that it would be better for them to be sunk as part of an exercise or, even better, as a dive attraction.
Take a last look........taken last summer.


I wonder where the recycling is to take place? Leavesley's are based near Burton, just off the A38. Still, I suppose there isa canal near by!!
It's been a laugh for the last wee while to listen to people on the Gosport Ferry, who look up the creek and have the impression that Fearless and Intrepid are part of the active fleet. How long was Intrepid a parts donor to keep Fearless afloat? I'd bet they were only put there to make it look like we had a fleet during the T200 celebrations!
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