HMS Intrepid 1823


I've been doing some research on my family tree, and have come across a 3 x grandfather called James Intrepid Foster who was born on HMS Intrepid in 1823 whilst the ship was in the Mediterranean. The Royal Navy Museum is shut for enquiries, so I am a bit stuck, as I can't find who his parents were and why he was born on one of HM ships! I've tried googling and hardly anything comes up.


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On-board wives​

Painting of Viscount Horatio Nelson
Viscount Horatio Nelson ©In Nelson's navy, warrant officers were the ship's specialist officers, and included the carpenter, gunner, cooper, purser and master (the person responsible for the ship's navigation and sailing). Their name comes from the fact that they received a warrant from the Admiralty, rather than a commission, which is what the captain and his lieutenants received. A number of these men took their wives and children to sea with them.

The presence of the women was largely hidden, for official purposes, as they were not paid or fed by the Navy, and therefore were not entered onto the ships' muster books. However other records, such as order books written by ships' captains, refer to their existence, as do memoirs and records of courts martial.