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When I was a young lad my b13 arrived when the small ship I was on was on a visit to Fleetwood. My pulheem was arranged by HMS Inskip, the transmitter station down the road. A pussers tilly turned up driven by an ex-squaddie who with a big grin on his face asked me if I was the chap for the medical. On the way he explained to me that the local doc who would be doing it in his village surgery (Great Eccleston) was as bent as a nine bob note and that I should make sure that I wasn't holding his balls when he asked me to cough!!!! He didn't lie, the bloke was more camp than a row of pink tents. When I stripped off for the inspection I asked where I could put my clothes, 'Oh just put them on top of mine' he said.....


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One of the Docs at Great Eccleston was a Scot called Mackie. He was a member of the Wardroom (only two strong in uniform) and he used to sing up a storm at Burns Night dinners.

If your driver was an old boy, he was probably Ken Gill, joined as a civvie before the war, then RM service until late 40s then back to Inskip as a civvie until he retired after more than 50 years service. Got the BEM.

There is another dit on the forums somewhere about INSKIP


I remember Ken great bloke.the other driver was also an ex pongo called Steve. I worked MT got abut when Ken retired.

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