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Bloody Good time at HMS Inskip we used spend the day picking mushrooms in the ariel fields and sell them to the local supermarket.
Wind up old Stan in the JR's dining hall all the time and generaly live the life just like the Navy Lark on the radio.

It was bliss


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dunkers said:
I went there with the sea cadets once, is it true that the road up to the buildings was a wartime runway?

I think it was originally called HMS Nightjar so the runway thing could be correct there was also a lot of old hangers scattered around


Inskip is still there. I regularly ride the roads past it. 3 main masts can be seen for miles at night.

I work with an ex inskip chief who turns 60 soon - initials JMPTC.

I also recently met a distant relative who served there in the 80's and still works there as a civ. Bob Emmington I think he's called.



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Always_a_Civvy said:
SpliceTheMainbrace said:
Been to HMS Inskip once, just remember lots of ariels sticking up from the ground.

No STB, you're getting confused with HMS Hedgehog! :twisted: :D :lol:

Imagine that as a ship HMS Hedgehog. How the enemy would laugh.

HMS Duncan the new Type 45s though, doesn't sound as good at Dauntless and Daring now does it?


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HMS Inskip was my last draft in the Andrew and was a great place, was there 90-91 and remember Bob Emmington, not sure who JMPTC is though.

As I remember we were the only Ship/Establishment to have a JR's bar, bloody marvelous it was. :crash:


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An article about HMS Nightjar appeared in the October 2005 edition of Vanguard - the magazine of RNA 10 Area.

Download a copy (1.1Mb .pdf)

Back copies may be available to download, please contact me or contact the Area Secretary for print copies. [email protected]



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Inskip is now DCSA, run by VT.

It was an FAA airfield in WW2, and is now home to the Sea Cadet Training Centre INSKIP, (TS Nightjar) and a rather flat 9 hole golf course which floods every winter. Bloody difficult getting a good swing wearing a life jacket.

Its still like being on another planet.

A lot of the old and bold Chiefs who were there in 95 when it changed over to civvy stayed on to work for SERCO. They had an Ex Royal Sigs major as the RO2 Manager and an ex 2 1/2 eng as the Serco manager.

The last man to serve there on watch in the Control Room as RN now works for VT IN Cyprus. It took him months to get out of the habit of wearing his No8s to work, but he probably just did it to annoy the Hobbit.

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