HMS Illustrious

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nicks, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. It seems that my son may have a draft to Lusty when he finishes his ET(WE) Course in October this year.
    Can anyone shed any light on what she will be doing after she returns tomorrow (Thurs 3rd August) from the Gulf ?

    Thanks in advance to all replies.
  2. Afraid you/he will have to wait until he receives joining instructions and due to security, ships programmes should not be given away on here.
  3. If recent events are anything to go by it will involve the following:

    1. Turning up after everyone else
    2. Stealing the limelight
    3. Departing to go home, leaving everyone else behind
  4. Bit cynical, but oh so very true. Typical Carrier I am afraid. I can remember during the Falklands when the carriers kept well away and almost qualified for the South Africa Star 8O :lol: Once the hostilities had finished they made their way into San Carlos water along with the Bristol to see what all the fuss had been about and then start picking on their smaller bretheran and barking out orders etc. Twats. :evil:
  5. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Of course, it is tactically sound to allow your high value units to come within range of Super Etendard aircraft or the surprisingly adept FAA figher bombers. Especially when they carry your CAP and Command Team. Like traipsing the Welsh Guards upstream on the Sir G and Sir T was a great idea.

    Before you start, I'm not a carrier queen.

  6. Levers, I am not manking about the tactics and believe it or not I do have a handle on tactics. My drip was the fact that carriers kept well away for the duration and then took ALL the adulation upon return to UK. Just look at what happened when the Invincible and Bristol returned Sep 17, 1982. Did anyone mention the Bristol? Nah, it was all big ship and Randy Andy. I had returned to Devonport one week prior on a Leander and our homecoming was pretty subdued, aside from families.

    I also had the misfortune to have to listen to one of the 'carrier war heros' in my local pub in Kent about how the Invinc had won the war on its own, they had kicked the Argies off the islands all on their own. You get the picture.

    I truely hope the Gloucester receives the homecoming she deserves today, but I fully expect that hulking great piece of CVS to take the whole limelight as usual.

    Bitter? Nah, just hate carriers
  7. Same thing happened in 2003 when the Ark returned from Telic. There was little or no mention of York who returned on the same day, I think it was even suggested that York had only sailed to escort Ark in to Pompey
  8. Quite reasonable really, poor old Ark may have got lost otherwise, Pompey can be difficult to find you know.

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  9. FFS, why does every topic always have to contain what happened in Falklands/ WWII/G-Spot etc, etc, etc
    This topic was supposed to be about someone joining a ship this year !

    No wonder there's been complaints about every thread being hijacked.
    If you want to have a love in about what you did 20-30 years ago, use the history thread !!!!!
    If a thread is about a current topic, keep it CURRENT !!!

    Rant over, out.
  10. Just heard the flypast (couple of FJ and a wokka) as she came in now. Hope the lads & lasses get a good run ashore tonight, they've been away a long time.

    Nicks - as it's that time of year and she's been away for four months, I would suspect she'll be entering a leave period, followed by upkeep. Your son will probably join her as she goes to FOST. Beyond that who knows, that is ships programme specific and subject to OPSEC.
  11. If a standard Carrier programme is to be assumed:
    It will be alongside for 6 - 8 weeks to allow golf handicaps to be refreshed.
    Sail for shakedown 2 weeks to allow old stale beer in mess to be got rid of
    Leave - 3 weeks - more Golf, a bit of DIY. Load 'clicky bed' onto ship
    Sail for deployment - 4 months max.
    Nil flying, upper deck in bounds 24/7
    BBQ's every weekend.
    Into some prestigeous port for high profile visit.
    Full centre spread feature in NN.
    Sail, back onto upperdeck to spell out some hilarious message using crew.
    Another Port visit - somewhere nice - ships Co trash place...."But it wasn't our fault"

    Head for home - high profile entry into Pompey. Tea, Stickies and medals all round

  12. I'm sure if he asks his D.O. at Collingwood, he could get a short/long cast. Usually they should give you this when you know your draft.

    If not, a quick call to the water front could do the trick.
  13. Cheers, il do that as soon as i get back, but also i found out that you can get a short/long cast from UPO.

    And as for fishmiester thanks for the info, sounds like it'll be a good laugh, not all work. :)
  14. Work is a dirty word, just like jobby
  15. loved my time on Carriers, Invince 97-01. good crack on board, though if there is any trouble around the world, then the Gov usualy send the good old carrier out to deal with it.

    3 times we got sent out to the Gulf at short notice. 99 with only 1 week notice, I was on Christmas duties , everybody got called back from leave, November was the last time i had been back home. Was planning to go back on 2nd January when my duties had finished :evil: ended getting back in the end of May, having made a de-tour to the balklands on the way home as it started kicking off again. Missed the bloody cup final aswell :evil:
  16. We were on there together :p
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  17. which branch ?? was OM1 (EW) at the time

    5e starboard Finest mess on the ship :D
  18. Creatures created in Gods own likeness - WE
  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    used to love those flight deck phots..

    'On watch for Britain' was my favourite...... not.

    We told the phots that they should take a pic of one sailor and then use the morphing software to write whatever they wanted.... preferrably a really long message and then see how long it took for their Lordships to work out that the ship's company appeared to have grown to over 3000...

    my how those long watches flew past..
  20. she should be a replacment for ocean.dust her offput a new crew on her, bit of fuel, tinnies,scran, and she'll be good to go:D

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