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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Dunc0936, Jan 2, 2016.

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  1. Could anyone please tell me the current status of illustrious? Is it to late to save her? Or have the mod already decided to have her scrapped?
  2. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Sat in 3 Basin waiting for the tow to Turkey and a billion sobbing posts on facebook from Carrier Fags pretending they had half a job once upon a jolly as the ship is chewed up, face first.

    Before that, there will be some sort of online UK Gov petition pleading with an ambivalent, faceless government to save the last remaining carrier and turn it into some sort of nightclub/leisure resort that shits cash.*

    *possibly a great 'project' for an ambitious 'profiled' officer wanting an MBE

    *awaits incoming*

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  3. .

    I'd rather try to get Hermes back off the Indians when they've finished with her (in a year or two) and use her as a museum ship !
  4. This. Always this for every ship ever.
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  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    She is being held ready for a preservation society to take her. but so far it seems that no one has been able to come up with a credible plan that doesnt involve lots of magic money fairy money appearing out of nowhere to keep it financially afloat.

    Museum ships are expensive, and the parts of the ship that can actually be opened and easily visited are relatively few. I've been to a few US carrier museums and they are broadly hangar flight deck, island, maybe the galley and thats about it. Keeping her in a good material state, even just painted, will be an enormous challenge and I'm not sure the public demand is there to visit in sufficient numbers to keep her going.

    At best I'd suggest keeping her in Pompey as a 'project ship' for baby trainees to prod and play with and owned by the Museum of the RN may be a start, but bloody expensive.
  6. Are you going to make an offer?
  7. It's the dreams of the magic money tree all over again. I've got no idea what sort of state IL is in, but if it's anywhere close to what INV was like *during her final years in service* then the idea that civvies of any sort will be able to a) stump up the cash and b) stay on top of the maintenance before she does an enormous impression of an Argentine T42 and capsizes at her moorings is laughable.

    And that's before we get into the whimpering insanity of trying to do anything with HERMES.

    The only preserved warships that IFAIC have any sort of safe future are owned by the state. Belfast, Victory, Alliance and Caroline essentially. Everything else is at a greater or lesser degree of long term risk IMO (and I include Cavalier in this - although I'm not for a moment suggesting anything imminent - just ask again in 30 years time when they're on the 9th whipround and the average person with disposable income was born 1980 onwards). Look at what happened to Plymouth.

    The state's appetite for taking on an aircraft carrier is negligible. Victory they inherited, Belfast arguably they got before anyone had worked out how expensive it was going to be, Alliance is a moneypit, and I'm sure if they could have thought of any bright ideas quick enough they'd have loved to be able to razor blade Caroline but unfortunately she was still in commission...

    I loved my time on HMS NEWCASTLE, but that didn't mean I had any interest in putting my hand in my pocket. Where would it end?

    INV, IL and the Ark have gone, as have every ship bearing any of those names all the way back to the year dot. QE and PoW are the future for now. At least we've still got aircraft carriers.
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  8. they used to have "project ships" as you call them. They were HTS (Harbour Training Ships) used by Sultan and Collingrad for greenies and stokers. They were Blackwood and Diamond when I was a Phase 2 Seem to remember it was one of the Tribals when I went back for Mech's course.

    Raleigh has the Brecon as HTS and BRNC has the Hindustan.

    No need for more to clutter up harbours IMO.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    @kinross_special pretty much nails it for me also.

    It sounds as likely as an improbable film plot and in any case, we are already close to having more museum ships than operational warships.
  10. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Diamond and Russell, wasn't it? Both of them practically rotten through (I remember X Gun deck on Diamond being like lace) They were replaced by Ashanti and I think Falmouth had a spell at PH. All the ships were serious cash drains for Sultan and given none of them had anything like modern Gas Turbines or auxiliary machinery on them they were practically useless as hands on training aids.

    Couldn't agree more

  11. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Nah. Who would man them for a start? Sultan is empty of uniformed staff teaching billets and the safety case would be the size and magnitude of Jupiter. Having running machinery means you have to maintain running machinery. Maintaining running machinery means you have to have a credible Maintenance Management System built to not fail. And a logistic chain feeding obsolescent gear.

    Anyone hear that swirling, slurping sound of money being sucked down a plug hole?

    The people who want 'museum ships' basically want something that stares their past back at them. Airfix do a great model for that. Get rid of the bloody thing. The past is the past. All my ships have been chewed up and yes, the memories are great (well, some of them) but what benefit does this nation get from having a vast, grey monolith sat reminding everyone that sometime a while back the navy was different? Where do you stop?

  12. Diamond and Russell for my training but of course things were changing all the time.
    May well have been Blackwood at some point.
  13. I think Levers and yourself are right with the Russell, although I do remember the type 14 was swapped with a.n.other, so maybe both of them did a stint or maybe I've got it wrong as type 14's were known as Blackwood class.
  14. Maybe the Hardy?
    That was alongside in Pompey around that time.
  15. Not according to wiki, she was a stores accom ship before being blatted with an Exocet and finished off with a torpedo.

    On another site I found this, so maybe it was only the Russell.

    training ships included Londonderry and Falmouth 1984-88, Ashanti 1980-1987, Russell mid 70s to 1985 and Diamond early 70s to 1980
  16. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Yeah. Hardy was sat in 3 basin as an accomodation ship for ships alongside fresh out of drydock. Apparently living on it was pretty austere and it was wriggling with cockies. By the late 80s it was gone and I recall some sort of portakabin village built opposite 15 dock at the road junction where we lived in when Newcastle came out of the hole in the ground. This was superceded by the wonderful Bivvy Barge/HMP Dockyard.

    We spent a whole weekend on Diamond and Russell at the back end of Part 2 (December 1979). It was there I witnessed Blake coming in flying her paying off pennant and a Leander come up harbour, blast her sirens, go HH Stbd/HS Port and turn on a sixpence (sans tugs) and sod off straight back out to sea again. The weekend on there was highlighted by the duty ME Senior Rate, some POMEM, being more shiters than a shiters thing. And I mean shiters.

  17. Do a Scylla with it ... drag it off the coast open the doors & sea cocks and let nature take over! ... keep the bubbleheads happy for years!
  18. especially if you put a big mirror on the side - two birds with one stone....
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  19. some of us literally went down to Portsmouth and had a party when one of mine was decommissioned. Bet you can't guess which one levers.....;)
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  20. A Bristol replacement?

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