HMS Illustrious River Thames Transit

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by The Mother F*cker, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Veteran destroyer HMS Edinburgh and giant helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious brought the capital to a halt as they glided down the River Thames.

    HMS Illustrious took all of her 22,500 tonne bulk down the river and through the Thames Barrier enroute to her Greenwich moorings.

    As well as HMS Edinburgh and a third ship -- HMS Blyth -- the Portsmouth-based ship will be in the Capital for six days of events commemorating the longest military campaign of the Second World War, the Battle of the Atlantic.

  2. Does this mean they are berthed ivo the Old Royal Naval College?

  3. Standards must be slipping civvies on the upper bridge deck at procedure Alpha:sleepy3:
  4. do apologise , as they were Atlantic Veterans.....and you can stand anywhere you would like to stand at procedure alpha :angel8::clap:
  5. sure she goes just past the Old RNC and goes alongside the des res at Tower Hamlets
  6. Thanks, Scouse.

    Might have a run out that way this evening, as I can't be in London over the BOA70 weekend.

  7. best get your skates on..9 May - Planned Fleet Air Arm flypast at Greenwich 19:05hrs, with the aircraft then flying west to Tower Bridge weather permitting
  8. image.jpg image.jpg Think she is taking part!!:angel8:
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  9. what have we got left to fly?
  10. saw a King Air strutting his stuff over Salcombe harbour last week...:angel8: Lol

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