HMS Illustrious: Lebanon Op.


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HMS Illustrious has been ordered by the MoD to make ready to sail to Lebanon.
Bear in mind that Hizbollah has already damaged one IDF ship and killed four Isralie sailors. And now Israel is accusing Iran of supplying and maybe even firing the missile.
I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like this one could go all the way; all out war between Israel, Iran and Syria. With the possibility that the USA, China and Russia could be drawn in.
And, of course, that means Uncle Sam's Bitch - guess who - will be dargged to the party as well.
Altogether now, "It's the End of The World as we know it..."
Well just in case guys,may your god bless you all,but i feel Russia and China will not get involved,for everyones sake i hope im right if not BYE.......................


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hammockhead Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 9:21 pm Post subject: Re: HMS Illustrious: Lebanon Op.


I'm not happy that we're sending two capital ships into a warzone without any escorts...

Escorts? What bloody Escorts? :roll:
No complaints from this callsign,,I am sure the ships comapnies' are happy to go, after all, that is what most of us join for to see some action and generaly do what we are trained to.
I like the idea that they are going there to "possibly evacuate british nationals", yeah cheers then we believe you. Ever heard of the aeroplane?
Get some!


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Good luck ladies and gentlemen, show them how it is done.
Just as an aside, did anyone expect crab air to go in? After all, it is a weekend and they might just have to earn their living for once.
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Always makes me laugh when I hear the Iranians etc talking about "Wiping Israel of the map." Trust me boys and girls, the LAST thing you want is to utterly defeat Israel. Because if that ever happens, if it looks like Zion is on it's way out, the Israelie's will chose the Samson Option: bring down the temple and take as many of the enemy with them as they can.
Bucket of Instant Sunshine, anyone?


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Let's be fair, as J650 correctly says, you can evacuate far more people by sea than you can by air. Another question would be who would protect the aircraft whilst they were on the ground? If you stuff it full of troops, there's no room for evacuees!
Also, the RAF's air transport fleet is stretched to the limit anyway providing the air bridges to Iraq and the 'stan. That's why R and R flights are contracted to a civvy firm.
IMHO, the most sensible option operationally has to be an amphibious one. HMS Bulwark has marines to secure a beach head, landing craft and helicopters to ferry evacuees and with the carrier to provide top cover, this has to be the way to do it. By air just wouldn't work.
Lingyai, I note the sarcasm in your tone ref the phrase "the possible evacuation of British nationals". What ulterior motive do you suspect? A British invasion of Lebanon? A forced return of Palestine perhaps?

It makes perfect sense to have your assets on station ready to be used should they be required.