HMS Illustrious in New York 07/07/07

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by London, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. HMS Illustrious arrives in New York 7th July. But where are the Harriers?


  2. Same as the rest of them - gone!
  3. I would guess flown ashore to a USN airbase?
  4. No Sea Harriers left. All gone. In the next Chapter, JSF...coming soon to a carrier near you!

    Alternatively, the RAF Harriers probably b*ggered off to get the best hotel suites....
  5. No rotary wing either, probably all buggered off ashore.
  6. They were sold to pay for the fuel for the jolly!
  7. dont you know -

    we always fly ashore to hotels when alongside.

    why annoy your elite when a little R and R for us raises morale for the rest of the fleet knowing that they can be our associates.
  8. or on the other hand they have sold all the bloody things to pay for lesbian wren discrimanation payouts or non-white dodgy racism payouts.

    oops did i really sat that out loud
  9. Thanks for the phots as I didn't have time to get many myself. Arrived on the 3rd; sailed on the 9th. It was a cracking run!!!

    Jolly? No way. R & R prior to serious work - absolutely. Planes? There is a good reason for that but if I told you I'd have to shoot the lot of you.

  10. On live ops...not a run ashore!!!
  11. What happened to "manning the side"?
  12. Sorry dhoby_bucket, but in the interests of equality and diversity, we no longer have "manning the side" or Procedure A, B, C.

    We now have ManWomanTransgendering The Side, or Procedure X. ;P

    Edited to add disclaimer - This post is not having a pop at Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals etc, just encouraging an awareness of all genders and their participation in ceremonial activities! :toothy5:
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    even if there were no jets, bet there were still hundreds of Harrier pilots onboard.....
  14. I shall be on one of those ships in two weeks time!
  15. No Harriers - I think you will find the 'role' of the Lusty has changed and she no longer carries fixed wing. Just my 2p worth.
  16. As I recall, that's Ark.
  17. Lusty is going to pick up a squadron of USMC Harrier II+ for a forthcoming JTFX. As posted elsewhere, it would be a good idea to get the booties p1ssed and then have it away with their aircraft after the Ex.

    Saw our last SHARs yesterday at SFDO, looking a bit sorry for themselves, but there was an FRS1 in the paint shop looking absolutely pristine. Anybody know where thats going?
  18. Ooops, think you're correct. :)
  19. Not unless you take the pilots as well!
  20. No doubt as they crossed the pond they will all get a medal, just like they normally do for nearly going somewhere

    As for calling them aicraft carriers, they were actually 'through deck cruisers' when they were built

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