HMS Hunter service in Norway

What a wonderfully poignent ceremony, I am sure the young lad and wren will remember it forever, and what a thing to be signalling as they left, reminds us that we are all one family even over the 70 year time span.
Looks like a great ceremony. But did anyone else notice this comment at the bottom of the page?

'Once again, the rag is wrong! Bulwark had NO ONE on the upper deck during the ceremony, and even insisted on her RADAR transmitting through the whole thing, playing havoc with the system used for the otherwise moving time. Nice one, you must be very proud of yourselves.'

Erm, Wrong Again Herald
It was remarkably cold standing on the upper scupper on ALBION, but good to see 2 Norwegian Vet's up there with us. The video is pretty amazing, I hope they release some (or all) of it to the general public....


Lantern Swinger
Blatant plug - sorry.

I've uploaded the HMS Hunter pages, it now includes an account of S/m John Hague's capture and subsequent escape from Sweden.

John is hoping to get the full video of the ceremony in the next few weeks, as and when I can, I'll update the page with new pictures and video.


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