HMS Hood (1920 - 1941)

Discussion in 'History' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Hood


  2. Just had a recent trip to Ascension Island and was very surprised to find that Hoods guns were mounted on the hill above Georgetown. Was it really Hoods guns, and if so, whats the story about how they got there?

    Bit quiet on this site innit? Do the Matelows know about it yet??
  3. Yeah, unlike us they are tucked up in bed!

    Found this about the Hood Guns.
  4. Ah! but I'm on Falklands time which is 3 hrs before GMT so I aint that naughty for staying up late.

    That was really interesting about the guns - it did surprise me a bit to see them on Ascension. Thanks
  5. Ah! but I'm on Falklands time which is 3 hrs before GMT so I aint that naughty for staying up late.

    That was really interesting about the guns - it did surprise me a bit to see them on Ascension. Thanks
  6. My father was taken by his father to see Hood at the Spithead review in 1937? Back in those days we had a Navy etc etc. Dad said every schoolboy in those days who wanted to join the Navy , wanted to serve in Hood , it was a ship with a real 'celebrity' status.

    Actually on reflection , it's probably one of the few ships , along with Victory and Ark Royal that the general public would actually know something about.
  7. If this site ever gets a gallery section, I'll post me pics from Ascension.
  8. Try here :wink:
  9. My Great Uncle served on Hood and left the ship before she embarked on her final mission.

    I reckon he was pretty lucky.

    In the late 1960's I met the father of one of my neighbours who was one of the survivors. He told me that until he was rescued he was treading water in nothing more than pyjamas and seaboot socks!
  10. At Action Stations in his pajamas? :?
  11. Many Navy Communicators that went through Ganges in the 60s will remember Lt. Ted Briggs, who ran the Signal Skool. One of "the three" - he was a signalman and I think he said he was 'lucky' because he was blown straight off the signal deck and thought he'd been in a 'bubble' that came up from the ship and pushed him away. Nice chap.
  12. Always been fascinated by Hood and her last mission. Thoroughly recommend 'Pursuit' by Ludovic Kennedy who took part on a destroyer (HMS Tartar I believe).

    Thoroughly enjoyed the tv programme on a while ago on CH4 about it and the successful attempt to find the remains of Hood.

    Happened to be reading the Daily Telegraph letters page a few days later and happened upon a letter from a lady in Pompey
    Can't remember the exact words but was something like-

    ' I would like to thank channel 4 for the programme 'Hood Vs Bismark'. I was at last able to say goodbye to my father who I never knew'.

    Brought a lump to my throat and just shows that for some people it's not history.
  13. Ello Geoff

    I served with Lt. Ted Briggs on HMS Loch Killisport in the Far Flung 1963/4 he was the Squadron Comms Officer 3rd FS. If ever an officer I met deserved the title of "Gentleman" Lt Briggs was that man.

  14. My ex husband served with Ted Briggs on the Phoebe from 66-68.

    My Dad served on the Hood from 38-40.
  15. And yet again how many more times do we have to say it nothing ever changes, bet you it was money/the tree huggers (or what ever they called them then, probably new labour my mistake old labour). Why oh why!
  16. Not wishing to sound a clever dick, Old Jenny, but Ted Briggs was at Ganges Oct 66 to June 69. Maybe he (Ted) visited Phoebe, maybe another Briggs?
  17. I only have my ex husband's word (!!) for it but he said he met Ted Briggs on the Phoebe. Maybe he wasn't on there for the whole commission.

    Anyway I went to the Hood's Association dinner on Saturday at the Royal Home club. Ted was there. He is the last surviving member now as the other chap died last year.
    I took a photo and also a couple of a 1/200 scale model of the Hood.
    One veteran there was 107 years old. A lovely bloke.

    I'll try and download the photos and post them here.
  18. I've always had a lot of respect for the Captain and crew of the Hood, to face down a vastly larger, better armed and armored opponent for the principle of the thing - in hindsight, reading this (ACK!) 20+ years later it looks pretty silly but then again i wasn't there.

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