HMS Heron Cap Tally

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by MrsElvis, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi,
    Am wondering if someone here can help me. Unfortunately I've just lost my grandad, massive heart attack. I left the Navy about 3 yrs ago but am still reserve and also promised to him that i'd wear my rig to his funeral when it happened as his father served in both wars in the FAA and I served in Yeovil when I was in.Now it's going to happen and I can't find my cap tally. Anyone that could help me I'd be extremely grateful. Please PM me , Thanks all
  2. Thanks Capn and everyone that replied
    I'm sorted on the cap tally now I think!
    The ones are on the tight size but I've no time to see if I can get them altered! Gonna be odd putting it all back on again.

  3. Have a brand new fleet air arm one if you want it?
  4. Thanks again folk.
    Just gotta do the old gramps proud now.
    Have been told I'm saluting as he passes into the church and then the last salute at the grave side, again!
    did it for nan near enough 4 yrs ago to the day
  5. I think he will be immensely proud of you.
  6. Wats a "fleet air arm cap tally"?
  7. IT's a cap tally with FLEET AIR ARM on it :thumright: :thumright:
  8. Never heard or seen or knew of such a thing ! .....
  9. Do have the only "OP FLEET AIR ARM" one. Think they were made by mistake, got one before they were all destroyed. I'll hold on to it untill I retire then buy a villa in spain on the profit!!!!

    Junior Rates at JFH had to wear them "FLEET AIR ARM" now they wear "JOINT FORCE HARRIER".
  10. Suppose your not entitled to one of those? If you served on Strike Carriers :salut: :thumright:
  11. No just "Through Deck Cruisers"!!!!!!!

    And Hotels!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Lest we Forget :thumright:

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