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Discussion in 'History' started by fluffyspanners, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. I was just scanning some old photos and found this one, it made feel old. I thought Leanders were all gone before I went to sea, but looking at wikipedia I discovered that HMS Hermione was scrapped as recently as 97. looking deeper it was also in a series called Warship along with 4 others, just wondering was it any good. I also had spelt it wrong on the back of the photo and although it was wrong there still was a ship called HMS Hermonie.
  2. Nice if we could see the pic Fluffs.
  3. The Leander Class frigates HMS Penelope and HMS Danae were sold to the Ecuadorian Navy in 1991 and renamed Presidente Eloy Alfaro and Morán Valverde respectively. Presidente Eloy Alfaro was decommissioned in Mar 2008 (48 years after launch) and Morán Valverde wasn't decommissioned until Oct 2008 (45 years after launch).
  4. i did add the picture but for some reason it never came up and ive tried again but no joy

    Figured out what went wrong the file size was too big
  5. There were four decomissioned Leanders in one of the basins in Pompey around 96 I remember going on board to do a storerob. They'd had all the Radar Absorbant Material stripped off them and looked in a fairly sorry state. I think they were towed to India to be cut up around 98
  6. I saw SIRIUS go to her watery grave in 98 or 99 when she was sunk in the Atlantic by an SSN and HMS MONMOUTH. She took forever to go down. The pictures are displayed in my downstairs loo, or naval museum as my youngest calls it.

    I had some time on ARIADNE and ACHILLES but I can't say they were ever my favourite ships.
  7. I had a great time on the Achilles, Jan 75-Dec 77...
  8. FS, in my opinion "Warship" was a PR disaster for the RN. The characters were absolutely crap. The "JossMan" did nearly all the jobs that needed a senior rate. The story lines were bloody awful as well.
    However, I can say that I, along with four others, were rescued by HMS Hero when our motor cutter broke down about four miles out of Pompey harbour. The "real" POME they sent across to fix the engine thanked us for getting out of the days filming and also getting a buckshee make and mend!
  9. Warship was the typical rubbish series they aired at the time, I think the Penelope (Penny Lope) was used for most of the filming, Hermione (Hermi One) may have been involved too, the Charybdis (Cherry B) was also used for a few long shots while I was aboard. She was used as a target ship & sunk by the Conqueror, good practice for the Belgrano!
  10. You're all wrong I'm 'fraid...HMS PHOEBE played the lead role of HMS HERO, retaining the ship's pennant number of F42. When HMS PHOEBE was unavailable for filming duties, a couple of the other Leanders were lurked...complete with F42 being quickly applied to the ships' side!
  11. :roll: I was lurking on Hms Danae at the time :wink: :wink: PS The others were HMS Danae, HMS Dido, HMS Hermione and HMS Jupiter. All the Wasps were repainted to 471 which was Phoebe Call sign
  12. You must have joined during the Task Group 317.2 Far East deployment, 1974/75.
    I was on Lowestoft at the time.

    Before that I was on the Apollo (F70) another Leander class. A good ship, I thought.
  13. DOH! Yes it was the Sunny Phoebe! I must be losing my marbles (again). :roll:
  14. My first full commission, 1967/1969 two and a half years. Aurora. F10
    Beautiful ship, great ships company, joined as junior seaman 2nd class, left as an able seaman 3's rate.

  15. Could that be PBL in the background :roll: :roll:
  16. I thought they were excellent ships. Served in three, for an aggregate of nearly seven years, as a killick, PO, and Chief. Never lived in a broadside mess though. :lol:
    In Penelope we had the six bunk box mess in the wheelhouse flat, seldom got disturbed, half the ship's company didn't know it was there. :?
    In Scylla 2D POs, compulsory re-issue of consumable messtraps every time the main ornament was fired, :roll: then 2K CPOs, both good messes.
    In Danae 2K CPOs as a mess, but 2F bunkspace (gunbay flat) as sleeping accommodation. Best of both worlds really.
    After type 12s, type 15s, and Bulwark first commish, they were veritable palaces, and good sea boats to boot.
    Loved 'em! :D

  17. speaking from personal experience as some one who has served on a leander class frigate inparticular h.m.s. hermi one can i just add that the navy have never built a ship since that could match it.... what ever went wrong was easy fix.. there were two of everything and two emergency backup systems just in case.. great ships that never really got to prove them selves in a theatre of war..thank god
  18. Served on Hermione & Jupiter between 85-89, best ships I've had. Great memories.
  19. :sad5:HMS Scylla is still around and open to the public 24hrs a day 365 days a year. There is no admission charge.
    Parking around the berth is free. You can stop on her for as long as you can hold your breath:sad5:
  20. Excuse me, Argonaut, Andromeda, Minerva and Penelope were all part of the Falkland Islands Task Force in 1982, so not sure what the last part of your post is all about.

    Back from the Falklands.jpg
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